How to Make Your Luxury Home Vastu-Friendly

Vastu Shastra is the science of planning the architecture, construction and interiors of the building in a manner that the five elements of nature- water, air, fire, Earth and space- remain in harmony. A vastu perfect home attracts positive energy and brings peace and happiness in the family. If it’s for a small apartment, preparing or changing layouts, planning interiors and the correct placement of decor items becomes easier. However, you need a well-planned approach and commitment for making your ‘luxury home’ vastu friendly.How to Make Your Luxury Home Vastu-Friendly

A luxury home is categorized as one that has several rooms (may be 3/4/5 BHK) and is characterized by opulent amenities and advanced architecture.The placement of every household item is thoroughly determined in Vastu Shastra. It includes the layout and orientation of verandah, balconies, guest room, study room, etc. and the correct placement of paintings, wall hangings, home theatre, air conditioner, etc. These items, when placed in different locations, have different implications on the present and future of the dwellers.When you go shopping for the floorings, wall paints and furniture, always opt for the branded ones. Being an owner of a luxury home, you can pretty much afford one. Never buy a metallic furniture for the bedroom, like one made of iron, as it attracts negative energy. The main source of entertainment in the family is LCD; it is best to place it in the East or North-East direction. An important element of Vastu Shastra is water. Luxury homes usually have large aquariums as a decor masterpiece. To get the best results according to Vaastu, aquariums should be placed in the East of the South-East direction.

Colors also determine the mood of your luxury home. Some colors are categorized as cool colour and give a sense of calmness and serenity, while some are called warm colors as they are vibrant and symbolize energy. To promote knowledge and creativity, you should paint the West of South-West walls in shades of grey or blue. A bedroom in the South-East direction would be good for couples. If you want to decorate your home with paintings, choose them carefully. Paintings depicting village scenes should be placed in West and put family picture in South-West zone.