How to Make Your Home Burglar Proof

We all may not be Tata’s or Ambani’s , but we always have our families and homes to protect and also we have to be careful with our money and valuables. You don’t have to spend a fortune to protect your home; a few good timely precautions can go a long way.

How to Make Your Home Burglar Proof

Listed below are a few ways to burglar-proof your home-

Invest in a Good Alarm System– Burglars may move to another house if yours is equipped with an alarm system. Do a little research before you choose a particular brand of alarm system. If you can supervise your home from other locations, it will be excellent. A monitored security system through an alarm company is really safe.

Front Door Camera and CCTV Monitoring- It is another very good concept, you can keep surveillance this way. You can keep an eye on your empty home even when you are not there. Front door camera will help you know who is on the door before you let him in.

Create an Illusion of Being There- Give your home an occupied look at all times, leave some tell-tale signs to show that someone is at home. Add sensor lights to your outside area, or lights which go on and off with the help of a timer. Mount the lights in the outer area to keep burglars from unscrewing bulbs. Curtail with curtains, so experienced burglars cannot ‘cash’ your home, and determine to burglar it.

Choose the Right Locks- Bolt your doors; choose the best locks for your specific doors and windows. Install a dead bolt lock to the front and back door. Change locks when you move to a new house or lose your keys; don’t take chances with the safety of your home.

Don’t Leave a Hiding Place for Thieves- Keep your garden or lawn well pruned and manicured, so there are no hiding places behind over grown trees and shrubs.

Ask Your Neighbors to Keep an Eye- Check out your neighbors, find the family you can trust and keep them in the loop if you are going on a vacation, so they can take your mail and documents.

Pin your windows; lock up bikes, lawn tools and backyard toys as visible items may tempt burglars. Draw curtains in rooms that have expensive electronic equipment and expensive personal belongings. Place a fireproof safe in an out of the way place and store your jewelry, money and irreplaceable things in it at all times. Garage is one place which we all over look and it is an easy entry point for burglars. So see that your garage is secure with timed doors that are never left open for long. A violated home has more than a financial impact on the residents. Burglars are creatures of opportunity and will move on to easier pickings when spooked with or confronted with roadblocks.

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