How to Keep Noise Pollution Out Of Your Home

Noise pollution isn’t just annoying but can cause deafness, fatigue and psychological problems. Cut down on the noise pollution in your life, the noises made by machines and other things both inside and outside your home. If you think it is important, sound proof your home to keep noise pollution at bay. Taking precautions against noise pollution will make your family feel happier and healthier and get some peace and quiet.

How to Keep Noise Pollution Out Of Your Home

How to Keep Noise Pollution Out Of Your Home

Here are a few ways to keep your indoors away from noise pollution:

Sound proof Your Space-Can’t stop noise at its source, then the next best thing is to keep it out. If you can’t sound proof your entire home just start with your bedroom, so you can have respite in at least one room. Consider installing carpets and wall coverings which absorb the sounds if you can’t sound proof your walls. Try having extra bookcases filled with books to absorb the sounds.

Keep Noisy Machines Away-Especially from your bedrooms and living areas. Situate your home so that your bed isn’t next to your noisy furnace or air-conditioning unit. If you have other sources of noise locate them far away from your bedroom and living area.

Spend Some Time Away From the Noise-You may be living on a busy street with lots of traffic, honking, and street sounds and it is impossible to avoid them, then just get away from them for some time and get your respite. Go to a spot where there is no noise and stay there for a while and enjoy the peace and calm. Try going for a walk on a quiet road away from the sounds.

Cut down on Sound Makers-Keep your appliances in a working condition, if something is noisy fix it or get it fixed.

Install Sound Blocking Doors-The largest opening in most walls is the doorway from where sound enters, so sound proof your doors by using solid doors to keep noise out. Weather-strip your interior door posts. It’s important to install weather stripping or sound proofing around the doors.

Fix Floor Squeaks-Floor squeaks may not bother you during the day, but at night when the house is quiet they can be a great annoyance.

Silence Noisy Pipes-If your home’s pipes rattle, chatter or make loud banging noises when you turn the faucets off or flush the toilets, it’s time to handle this problem.

Today’s houses can be noisy though paper thin walls were once the culprits. Nowadays houses suffer from a combination of open floor plans, and a multitude of machines and high tech audio and video gear. Fortunately, there are a number of sound proofing or noise reducing techniques you can take to alleviate the problem. Achieving a home that is quiet can take a little work, but when you relax and enjoy the peace you realize the worth. Silence is golden.

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