How To Keep Dengue out of Your Home

Dengue is back with a vengeance and it is imperative for you to mosquito proof your abode. Dengue has become an epidemic that needs to be curtailed with immediate effect. Instead of getting panicky take some precautions and preventive steps that can make your home dengue free. Dengue is caused by the female mosquitoes which usually attack during the day. It can be further spread if another mosquito bites the infected patient and then spreads it to others.

How To Keep Dengue out of Your Home

Given below are a few preventive steps you can take to dengue-proof your home:

  • Keep your doors and windows closed or covered with mosquito-nets to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

  • If you are using a cooler do not forget to clean out the water if not in use, add some kerosene oil to it.

  • Make sure there are no old vessels or flower vases kept in open areas as verandas, terraces or garden. These can become the breeding grounds for the dengue larvae.

  • Change water every alternate day in flower pots and do not allow water to stagnate anywhere. Turn over the storage water if not in use.

  • Wear full sleeve clothes and apply mosquito repellent. Special care should be taken of small children, as they sleep during the day when the chances of mosquito bites are greater.

  • Keep mosquito traps which run on electricity, these help in keeping a check on the mosquitoes.

  • Keep a Tulsi plant near the window, it has tendency to keep mosquitoes at bay.

  • Light or burn camphor at home for 15-20 minutes three to four times a day, keeping the doors and windows shut this will drive away the mosquitoes.

  • Neem oil, mint oil, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil are some oil which act as mosquito repellents, and these can used safely, as they do not have strong chemicals.

  • Use mosquito nets while sleeping. Try to stay in an air conditioned environment, as it reduces the chances of mosquitoes coming indoors.

Mosquitoes are a big menace to humanity; they are vectors of diseases like malaria, dengue and chickenguniya. Dengue is also called “break-bone” fever because it causes severe joint muscle pains apart from other symptoms. Keep your home and surroundings clean do not let water stagnate, so no mosquitoes can breed. While sleeping keep a low voltage bulb switched on at night it keeps the mosquitoes out and also acts as a night light. With a few precautions you can keep dengue at bay and keep your family safe and healthy.

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