How to Give a Sleek Theme to Your Penthouse

What strikes your mind, when you hear the word ‘penthouse’? A well-maintained residence with high class amenities and top-notch infrastructure. Isn’t it? If you just got your brand new penthouse, but do not know how to decorate it with a sleek theme; we have listed a few of the sterling tips.

How to Give a Sleek Theme to Your Penthouse

Allow natural light:-Space and light are the building blocks of re-creating and decorating a penthouse. Do not forget, a home that welcomes natural light and scenic view, appears to be more spacious and stunning. This is why people pay heavily just to buy a residence near the beauty of natural greens and eco-friendly surroundings. Apartments for sale in Mumbai are priced so exorbitantly because they offer mesmerizing views from the look-outs. If you have adequate windows, let the natural light to enhance the beauty of each corner. If you are a book lover, place a study table beside the window so that it can give a sophisticated look and could allow you to enjoy reading.

Use neutral colors:- Another thing that can give a stunning look to your penthouse is a sliding glass door entrance. This will also aid in giving a spacious look to the home. Neutral color is also the best option that will not only give a sleek look, but will also help in maintaining a soothing environment within the home. Adding a splash of color around the window will give a beautiful impact, but always remember that using the neutral colors opposite to the window will help in reflecting light within the room.

De-clutter extra things:- The concept of minimalism is trending these days. In order to give an airy feel and spacious look within a penthouse, all you need to do is, cut out all the scattered clutter of the room. The best way is to buy leather bed with drawers. This also looks elegant and adorable. You can put in all the small stuff within these drawers. With the advancement in technology, these days beds with TV at the foot of the bed have also been introduced. This way you can achieve the minimalist look easily.

Try installing sliding doors:- If you are willing to have a wardrobe, go with the large sliding doors. You can employ the mirror at the back of the door. This is a great idea, if you have restricted space. It gives a bigger look to the room. Also, avoid adding too many accessories. Installing the sliding doors in the kitchen and balcony will also look great and will consume a minimum of space.

Following the sleek theme will aid you in getting a beautiful and spacious penthouse. The above mentioned tips will work great for you without costing you a fortune.

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