How to Decorate Homes with High-Ceilings

These days, homes having high ceilings are rarely seen. In order to carve out more flats in the same Floor Area Ratio (FAR), builders try to keep low ceiling in individual flats. But if you are one of those homeowners who possess a grand high-ceiling home, you are probably wondering about how to decorate it. Though these homes are dreamy and elegant, most of the people complain about the huge wall space and the area above the window is also too much. If left undecorated, these areas project a feeling of emptiness in the room.

How to Decorate Homes with High-Ceilings

To help you decorate your high-ceiling room, here are some simple and clever tips.

Decorate your way up- If you decorate the interiors of your high-ceiling room like that of a low ceiling flat, you defeat the entire idea of this dramatic space. We generally decorate upto 8-9 feet of the walls. However, such homes will have much more space above that. If left empty it would kill the beauty of your room. Try to come up with decor items that over much of the wall’s height. Arrange your artwork in a manner that it draws eyes upwards.

Play with Lighting- Lighting is something that makes a bold statement in a home. You can experiment with lighting and add magic to the decor of your high-ceiling home. Chandeliers are the most popular way to turn your living room decor into a grand one. You can hang a large chandelier on a focal point to make a statement.

Create an Accent Wall- A smart way to decorate tall rooms is to create an accent wall. This is done by painting one single wall in a bold colour as compared to other three walls that will attract all eyes. For example, if all four walls are in beige color, you can paint the wall opposite to the entrance in some popping color like red or dark blue.

Furnish with Taller Decor Items- Bring decor items that are in right proportion to the volume of your room. Place tall cabinets and the decor pieces that you put over those cabinets should also be tall so that it creates an illusion of lesser empty space.

Window Dressing- High ceiling rooms are most likely to have large windows also. You can cleverly do the window dressing to lessen the sense of space on the walls. Start hanging the draperies from way above where the windows end and let it hang a little below the lower end. Go for dark colors to make the room look cozy.

You can also create a textured ceiling which will attract immediate attention and will impress anyone who visits your home for the first time. A pretty tall book shelf on the wall with a ladder to climb will also be a good idea.

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