How to Decorate That Big Blank Wall

You have a big blank window-less wall? Don’t be intimidated by it, this is your canvas for filling up with your creative creations and showing off the hidden artist in you. There are numerous things you can do with this wall and make it the focal point. You can cover it up by iconic wall-paper or put up some good art work, there are loads and loads of ideas that can make your blank wall interesting.

How to Decorate That Big Blank Wall

How to Decorate That Big Blank Wall

It is amazing how blank walls are transformed when anything is hung on them. The metamorphosis is instant, a sudden burst of life is infused into them making a room look homey and lived in rather than sterile and impersonal. Fill them with decorative accessories or functional space savers, either way there are lots of options for making them interesting and attractive. Turn your wall into eye-catching eye candy.

Some ideas are given below to enhance that bland wall and infuse some life and color in it.

Magic with Mirrors- Mirrors are not only strong style statements but also create an illusion of a large room. Whether you have an airy and light room or a rugged and industrial space, well framed mirrors are perfect for filling in the gap.

Framed Chalkboards- Another great idea, chalkboards are a great place to pin pictures, write messages, reminders or important dates for the whole family to see.

Modular Shelves– These add character to your walls, at the same time providing space for your décor accessories, like photo frames, vases, figurines, books and more.

Eye-Catching Clocks- Clocks in themselves are a work of art and make great art décor for your walls. You can put up an antique piece or some trendy modern art clock. Choose an oversized vintage piece found on railway stations, for timeless elegance.

Wall Decals or Wall Murals- These are another way of doing up your bland, blank wall. Wall decals can easily be applied [removed]; they give a very rich look to the wall, transforming bare walls into classy canvases. Wall murals are another elegant way to do up an empty wall.

Wall-mount candle holders- They add light, warmth and an old world charm to your wall décor. Hang them on their own or in clusters or flank them on either side of other items. Turn your wall into a cubby wall organizer, in small spaces doesn’t clutter the floor with a table for placing your tit-bits but use the wall.

Wall Tapestries-These are very trendy and are a perfect adornment for a wall. They can be hand-painted, or made of leather or heavy silk tapestries.

Panel Art- Art collection and displaying it can be a part of bigger image or variation on each other. Art display can draw the eye and be great conversation starters. Changing up the wall décor every now and then can be very refreshing.

So if you are bored looking up a blank wall, just by adding a thing here and there can change the whole façade of the wall and make the room more livable and interesting.

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