Buying a home? Here is How You Can Choose the Right Amenities

Nowadays, developers are trying to tap the rising demand of residential real estate by offering exclusive amenities in their projects. The vertical growth of urban cities has made it imperative for the people to have all the facilities available at their doorsteps. This is yet another step in adding to their comfort in the projects. However, the buyers seem to be more confused than allured by such amenities. The amenities surely add to the comfort but then they also become a part of its price. This is why it is very important to understand what type of amenities you need in a project.

Buying a home Here is How You Can Choose the Right Amenities

Buying a home Here is How You Can Choose the Right Amenities

Since the apartment complexes and townships grow like city within city, they must consist of all important amenities ranging from swimming pool and gymnasium to shopping complex and convenience stores. For a better understanding of what amenities do you actually need, let us divide it into two main groups- Basic amenities and Frills.

Basic Amenities

These include amenities that are must-haves in an apartment complex. First and foremost, we should talk about safety and security. Modern apartment complexes are built with an idea of not sharing the walls which ensures the privacy of the residents along with proper ventilation which is also a basic necessity. There is shortage of power in most of the Indian cities, so power backup is another important need. It should power the lighting within flats and common areas. Elevators that run on backed up power should also be there replacing the need to take stairs in case of power failure. Thirdly, we need ample parking space in the apartment complex; covered parking is even better. Surveillance system, guard facility and proper maintenance of the parking space should also be on your list. And lastly, it includes some breathing space like parks and dedicated play areas for children. So the four basic amenities, according to us, are:

  • Ample Parking Space

  • Children’s Play Area

  • Power Back up

  • Security features


A higher percentage of the middle class family in India does not follow a proper fitness plan or a morning routine. So, focusing on the rest who do, builders offer some extra amenities which we count as the frills. These include swimming pool, gymnasium, jacuzzi, spas, clubhouses, yoga rooms and other entertainment facilities. In this race to offer projects that have state-of-the-art amenities, developers also bring facilities such as library, wi fi enables spaces, salons and high end shopping complexes.

What you have to do while choosing a project is to find amenities that actually matter rather than the elements of ostentation. A set of basic amenities with a few common frills like swimming pool and clubhouse would be a great choice for mid-segment buyers.

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