Villa Living- How to Blur the Line between Indoors and Outdoors

‘Bring the outdoors in’ is an old saying, and in today’s fast paced, highly inter connected world, spending quality time with your family and enjoying both the indoors and outdoors is a boon. Depending on where you live, with winters just gone and dog days of summer not in, Mother Nature has created the perfect living conditions, so in these conditions it is hard to decide whether to stay indoors or outdoors?

Villa Living- How to Blur the Line between Indoors and Outdoors

Villa Living- How to Blur the Line between Indoors and Outdoors

But some modern designs take this conundrum into account as they seamlessly incorporate indoor/outdoor transitions that bring style to the great outdoors or is it the other way round? Some great ideas are there to blur the line between indoors and outdoors making a smooth transition from inside to outside and blending stylishly, so it is difficult to fathom the difference.

Let your deck blend with nature outside by incorporating it with wooden floors and wood furnishings. These will blend with the trees and an expansive awning will give you a feel of being outdoors at the same time comfortably protected. Large glass doors and windows which can slide open help in blurring the indoor-outdoor line. The sliding of these panels [glasses] discards the separation completely. You walk out and it is just one continuous creation. The big glass doors/windows give you the perfect outdoor view or vice-versa.

Glass is one of the most used materials for creating the perfect scenario. Comfortable wicker furniture is a fabulous indoor-outdoor transitional concept. Using organic, textured materials as seating tables and plant pots can fully embrace the outdoors. The possibilities for outdoor rooms are limitless- from large and spacious to small and intimate, from a simple patio-sized eating and grilling area to a grand multileveled deck complete with cocktail bar, outdoor pizza-kitchen, fountain, spa and pool.

In an outdoor room the walls can be an extension of the home’s exterior walls, or they can be formed of trees , shrubs, hedges, planters, privacy screens or lattice panels. The outdoor flooring can be of grass, pebbles or stepping stones or as elaborate as wooden decking or tiles installed on concrete pads. Ceilings may be outlined by tree limbs, vines, pergolas, arbors retractable awnings or permanent roof structures.

Bring the outdoors in by using stone as building material; it will help the indoor-outdoor transition perfectly. Other trending organically sourced materials are rug fibers and sustainably harvested wood. Another growing trend is incorporating green walls or a vertical garden indoors. With the help of modern technology you can make outdoor verandas, living areas, patios, and courtyards all blend together so indistinguishably that you barely know where outdoor begins and indoor ends.

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