Common Bedroom Decor Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Bedroom is not just a place to crash after a tiring day at work. For most of us, it is our den, the personal space that gives us peace. But how can a place be our calming refuge if its decor does not soothe your senses. While decorating the bedroom or any other room, we research a lot and follow a mix of what we find out. However, this may lead to a messy and haphazard decor which will not be soothing at all.

Common Bedroom Decor Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Bedroom Decor Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here we list some common bedroom decor mistakes and how to avoid them:

Not Tidying Up

Well, this is a tip we talk about quite often as it not only applies to the bedroom but to the entire house. De-cluttering is not a day’s task; we have to keep tidying up frequently to avoid a pile of mess later. The same formula applies to the bedroom. Your bedroom will welcome you with peace only when it’s tidy. So, assign the storage spaces for your stuff and keep them only in the assigned place and ask other family members to do the same. When everything is in place, the room will automatically be tidy.

Expensive Bed and Inexpensive Mattress

Just to make your bedroom ‘look good’ you invest exorbitantly on a luxury bed with a crafty headstand but buy a normal mattress as nobody will see it. However, the formula is just the opposite. A proper size bed with normal headstand would be good. The idea is to know how to use it and decorate it properly. You should invest in a good mattress instead that would assure you a good night’s sleep.

Limited Lighting Sources

You might have large windows in the bedroom that will keep it illuminated through the day. But what about the night? Your bedroom should exude the same energy when it is dark outside. Just one light bulb will only illuminate limited area. The smart way to do it is to have different sources of light around the room.

Leaving the Windows Untreated

Apart from the wall decor, windows are the next things that beautify your bedroom but only if you show some attention to them. Curtains and blinds block the light when you don’t need it, ensure privacy and adorn your home decor. Choose decent curtains that match the other upholstery and hang them at proper heights for best results.

Leaving the Walls Bare

The wall above your bed is the focal point of your bedroom decor. So if you leave it bare, you are completely failing at the game. That wall is the canvas to exhibit your creativity. Decorate it with paintings, murals or anything that defines your taste of art.

Apart from these, you must keep the gadgets out of your bedroom. Keep work away. Also, keep the bed free from clutter and boldness; it should be calm enough to give you a cuddly feeling. Bring a lot of throw pillows. Pay attention to the cleanliness of your bed once in a while.

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