How to Arrange Furniture in Small Spaces?

Small spaces are a need of the hour. With the burgeoning population of the country’s urban population and for the sake of affordability, builders are also coming up with homes that are smaller in sizes and configurations. While such homes are easy on the pocket of homebuyers, it might be a problem for them to adjust into it and to make it look like their ‘dream home’. Too many stuff to fit into the small spaces make them look cramped and cluttered.

How to Arrange Furniture in Small Spaces

A few clever furniture arrangement tips can completely transform your small space and make it look like your ‘home’.

Measure Your Space- Don’t just go and buy the furniture. Plan in advance and take accurate measure of your room where you want the sofa or bed to be placed. Also take into account the power outlets, fireplace, phone lines, etc., before planning a particular space for a particular piece of furniture. Proper planning will help you in optimizing the space.

Keep the Essentials Only- Extra furniture means extra clutter. In a small apartment any clutter just makes it worse. After you have fulfilled the simple needs for sitting, eating and sleeping, anything extra just adds to the clutter. Try to minimize such stuff. Keep unused furniture away, sell them.

Choose the Shapes Wisely- Avoid odd shaped furniture for small spaces. Such pieces not only occupy a larger space but also create an illusion of smaller space. Go for perfect dimensions. Odd shapes like circular, octagonal, etc., just make things worse. Go for things that have single lines and have legs.

Utilize Every Space- Try to utilize every possible space for keeping furniture such as the space under the staircase, the little area adjacent to the fireplace, etc. But this does not mean that you should try to fit furniture in every little space. Do what looks good and feels good.

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