How Tidying Up Can Rejuvenate You?

Can you fold yourself happy? Try tidying up and see how you feel energetic again. Tidying up is the latest craze for the house-proud. Kon-mari the Japanese art of decluttering helps you to keep your home organized in categories including clothes, books, papers and miscellaneous and sentimental items. Keeping yourself occupied and expending out all the negative energy can go a long way in helping you feel distressed and full of vitality. Having clutter around you and planning to clean up room by room never happens and leaves you feeling depressed and frustrated. ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’.

How Tidying Up Can Rejuvenate You?

How Tidying Up Can Rejuvenate You?

Start by being a chucker and not a hoarder, there half your battle is won and you are already feeling good. So if you want to feel great go all the way and get organized. ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Japanese writer Kondo is already the bible of many disorganize and untidy women around the globe. Here she tells us that go item by item or categorize your stuff and start up the giving and tidying process and see what a difference it makes to your life and get the lifestyle you envisioned.

You start with items, see for yourself that if the item sparks joy like a certain dress, if it gives you happiness keep it or else discard it so less clutter. Do this not only with clothes but with books, papers all your sentimental items, get rid of what you don’t want or need and see how relived you feel. The best way to organize things is to handle each item, at one time you may have thought that well this dress is awesome but today when you feel it, the same thrill is lacking so it is time to say goodbye and there you feel good. You will be surprised to see the pile of discards and how fast you managed them.

Pick up each day- don’t let things get messy and you tidy up as you go.

Concentrate on a room’s hot spot, like the bed in the bedroom, the countertop in the kitchen or your styled sofas all done one by one will keep your house tidy and you will be all pepped up to enjoy yourself, by finding time to do what you best enjoy, so this is the best way to tidy up, rejuvenate and enjoy your free time. Rejuvenate your home with certain rejuvenating products, which in turn create a shift in energy and allow you to do more work.

So you see how a little order in your life can change the energy levels for you making you feel good about yourself and your surroundings.

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