How Green is Your ‘Green Home’?

A green home is a house designed to be environment friendly and sustainable while focusing on efficient use of energy, water and building materials. Green homes are costlier, there is no universal standard on what makes a home green, and there are different criteria according to different governments.

How Green is Your ‘Green Home’

How Green is Your ‘Green Home’

In general a green home is built or remodeled to conserve ‘energy and water, improve indoor air quality, use sustainable or recycled used materials, and produce less wastage in the processes. Green homes are a fast developing concept among the city people, where pollution, waste discharge in water and the carbon footprint is on the rise. Your home will be considered green if the following points are followed.

Conserving Energy- Are you using solar energy for your energy requirements, or the society you live in is making the maximum use of solar power, a natural, renewable source of energy. If not, then you are wasting energy, increasing your bills and are helping in depleting the natural resources. Are you using LEDs, for light bulbs? You can conserve energy by using solar water heaters, solar lamps. Conserving Water or using it efficiently, is another aspect of a green home.

Waste Management-Is the waste in your home or condo being efficiently managed or is it increasing the pollution? This is another important feature of green homes they have to be eco-friendly. One can give numerous examples where what we consider to be ecofriendly is not so. The process that governs the green homes is limiting the use of scarce resources such as water, energy and materials used during construction and occupation.

To ensure that a genuinely ‘green project’ is not mistaken for one of the many wannabes, it is important for their developer to get accreditation from the green rating system followed in India.

GRIHA [Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment] is one such system that verifies all that a building has adhered to all the required parameters, and materials and processes have been used at all stages of construction. Once all the requirements are met with the building is certified as a ‘green home.

Check List for Home buyers-

  • Does the project offer ready access to public transport, so as to reduce the need of private transport?

  • Does it have solar heaters and waste treatment plants, recycling/reuse features and water harvesting?

  • Does it have fixtures for lower water consumption; are fixtures used in common area lighting systems certified as energy efficient?

  • Does it feature natural ventilation so as to curb the need for air-conditioning?

  • Does it have adequate spaces and green areas?

  • Does it offer covered car parking?

  • Does it have sustainable waste disposable features?

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