House Hunting- Red Flags To Look For

The house hunting process provides a chance to find the perfect place, a place that you desire, but every home buyer should take precautions against purchasing a home which requires more work, time or funding than they can manage. In real estate certain red flags help buyers buy their new place without taking unnecessary risks in buying their new home.

House Hunting- Red Flags To Look For

House Hunting- Red Flags To Look For

Let’s face it sellers don’t always disclose the whole truth to the potential buyers. Everything may look good on the surface, but don’t let that blind you to the potential problems that may haunt you later.

Bad Smell- Use your nose or check out the smell. Don’t just use your eyes, use your nose to figure out any odour, see what is causing it. Do you smell mildew, pet or cigarette odour? Remember bad smell could translate to a larger issue which can cost you dearly down the road. If you are interested get an inspector to check in for molds or leaks.

Locked Doors- As a home buyer you want to see every room in the house. But if a room is locked, this means the seller is hiding something, ask him to open it or have it opened on your next visit. Check the house properly, nothing should be out of bounds.

Newly Painted Wall-New paint can spruce up drab walls. If seller has the whole room painted, then it could be to give it a fresher look, but if only one wall is painted then you need to know what it is. Are they concealing something like mold or mildew? You should know why.

Structural Problems- You should scour the foundation for damage. If you see some cracks along the outside or the doors and windows don’t open properly, the house may have some structural problems, which are costly repair items. The bigger the crack, the bigger the problem.

Mass Exodus from the Neighborhood- Are a lot of homes on sale, then ask yourself why? Check out the neighborhood; don’t get stuck with a bad investment.

Mediocre Maintenance- Look out for signs of poor maintenance and also look out for old faulty wiring even though you are not an electrician. Structural walls or floors have been removed. You may just love the open floor plan but was the house always like this or did the owners renovate it? If they removed a weight baring wall without adjusting the frame then it can shift weight to other parts of the house. Explore back out contingencies.

Bottom line is, if you have zeroed down on a property then it is always advisable to get the final nod from a pro, it will cost you but in the long run you will be smiling.

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