Home Safety Tips for Senior Citizens Living Independently

At present, a considerable fraction of the senior citizens in India are living on their own. But not all of them are victims of their children’s rejection; some prefer to have an independent life even after retirement. However, for an ageing body, living alone is not an ideal situation. Elderly people need to be careful in their own house.Home Safety Tips for Senior Citizens Living Independently

Here are few home interior tips for elderly people who are living alone:

Declutter- Tripping and falling down may be a casual thing when you are young but in the older years it can cause serious medical conditions. Decluttering is one of the easiest ways to ensure your safety in the house. Avoid cluttered furniture so that you have enough space to maneuver freely. Do away with all the extra furnishings and create more space. Rugs and mats should also be avoided as the walking stick can get entangled in it.

Lighten up- Vision related issues are pretty common in old age. Replace the low wattage bulbs with the brighter ones to have a clear vision. Allow ample sunlight into the rooms. Sunlight not only helps you see clearly but is also good for your physical and mental health.

Keep Security Systems Updated- Install or upgrade an internal security system like CCTV cameras inside your house. There are many instances where security systems have helped elderly people during emergencies. Also check if other systems such as smoke alarm are working or not. These are also very helpful in controlling adverse situations.

Install Safety Bars- There are few areas in the house where the likelihood of tripping and falling is higher. These include staircases, elevated room entrance, ramps, etc. Find out the risk areas and install grab bars on both sides of it. It will reduce the chances of accidental falls.

Bathroom Safety- Bathroom is the place that needs the most attention from safety point of view. Slippery tiles are very likely to cause accidental falls. Use anti-skid bath mats in bathrooms to avoid such accidents. If possible, remodel the bathroom to suit your needs.

Stay Connected- Make sure that your telephone lines are always working. Talk to your loved ones frequently and update them about your health. Keep in touch with the neighbors as they will be the first one to help you in emergencies. Also keep a mobile phone and enable the speed dialing function on it.

We humans are social animals, so living alone can be quite tough for a while. So be prepared for your independent stay. Stay safe, stay healthy!