Remodeling Vs. Renovation – What Does Your home Need?

The terms remodel and renovation are often confused to be the same as both involve removing old and replacing with new. Though they are two sides of the same coin, they slightly differ in meaning. So if both make an improvement on the existing home or building then what is the fact that makes remodeling different from renovating?

Remodeling Vs. Renovation – What Does Your home Need

Renovate means to restore to the former, better state. Remodeling is a broader term and includes renovating and more. Remodeling could include an addition, major modifications of an existing structure or repairs and cosmetics. Here are a few points to help you understand the basic difference between the two:

  • Renovation is making the existing structure better or modernized whereas remodeling is introducing change in pattern or structure.
  • Remodeling changes the functionality of an existing structure while renovation just makes the structure better.
  • Remodeling is more complex, more time consuming and very expensive; renovation is lesser of the two evils.

Both need your supervision and good workers. If you are changing the appearance of your bathroom you will be remodeling but if you are just changing your tiles or going in for some repairs you are renovating.

Renovations are usually subtle, remodeling goes in for more dramatic changes. If you paint your garage or re-tile it you are renovating it, making it look better. But if you are in need of an extra room and you are converting your garage into a bedroom, then it is remodeling.

So what does your home need? Do you need to make major drastic changes, like adding a new room, or modifying your balcony and converting it into a study room, what is your actual agenda? You have to be clear in your mind what you want to do—remodel or renovate?

Once you have made up your mind you can explain by being explicit to your contractor what you want and get an estimate of the costing. Next step would be your budget, if the estimate falls within it. Try to get estimates from two, three constructors so you can compare the costs. Remodel or renovate you have to see what you need. Renovation will improve the total look of your home but if you want to make some additions or change the functions of a room then you have to remodel.

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