Things You Must Know Before Taking a Home Insurance Policy

We all need to protect our home and personal property against liability for accidents that may injure people or damage property. So a home insurance covers your home and your personal property. Just as there are different home styles, there are insurers who offer a menu of different properties.

Things You Must Know Before Taking a Home Insurance Policy

Taking a home insurance decide how much coverage you need. The bigger the coverage the less you pay from your pocket, if and when disaster strikes. The amount of coverage you buy for your home contents and personal property will affect the price you pay. Shop around before you decide there are various insurance companies which offer you different rates and facilities for the same policy. Do your homework well and don’t get sweet talked by an agent’s glib talks. Take advice, ask people before buying an insurance policy. Compare the deductibles; higher deductibles may be available at a reduced rate.

Replacement cost or Actual cost value? What you want is for you to decide. In case of replacement you get complete replacement for the repairs or damages without taking in the depreciation value, but in actual cash value you get the actual value minus depreciation. It is always advisable to go in for 80% or more of your homes replacement value. Ask your agents for the discounts available or what extra benefits are clubbed in with a particular insurance scheme.

Whether a home owner or a tenant, different packages of home insurance are available to protect your home and belongings. There are different provisions in the insurance policy to cover your property for different calamities and damages, choose the one which suits you or go in for an umbrella policy that covers all the important factors.

Once you get your home loan policy read it carefully, it is a legal contract; it covers your rights and responsibilities and also that of the insurance company. Get your facts right. Keep it in a safe place and know all the details of the insurer. Make a list of all your home contents for an exact estimate this will also provide you a written record. Review your home insurance needs every year to make sure your policy provides adequate coverage. Remodeling, renovation adding a new room could add value to your home and hence increase replacement cost. Keep a tab on the inflation guard; it could increase your premium.

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