Raksha Bandhan Celebration: How to set up a Festive Home Decor

Raksha Bandhan is the festival that evokes the true essence of a brother-sister relationship. Raksha is a ‘bond of protection’ that strengthens the cord of sibling relationships. Nowadays, the tradition of joint families is fading away. In search of a better lifestyle and to take their career to new high, families scatter to different cities. It is only during festivities that families come together and celebrate the bond of their love.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration How to set up a Festive Home Decor

The feeling of coming home after a long time cannot be compared with anything. So if you are also welcoming some guests to your home this Raksha Bandhan, it is time to give your home a celebratory and festive look. Here are few tips:

Brighten it up- The first thing that brings the look and feel of festival is a brightened decor. Do away with beige, white and cream and go for red, green, orange, yellow and blue. You, obviously, cannot paint the home all anew, but you sure can brighten up the decor. Change the linens, covers and curtains to something brighter and lively. Vivacious wallpaper patterns can also be put at specific places to create a focal point.

Bring Festive Decor Pieces- In order to give a look and feel of festivity, you should put some mind into bringing new decor items. Select the things that speak of celebration such as flowers, lights, wind chimes, etc. A divine idol put as a centerpiece will also attract attention.

Make it Welcoming- Since your relatives are coming home after a long time, make them feel important. Set up a welcoming decor. A front door decoration would be a good idea. It denotes festivity as well as gives a welcome home feeling to your relatives. Though Rangoli is unique to the festival of Diwali, it can also be put up at your entrance on Raksha Bandhan as a means of welcome.

Add Glamour- Only festive colors and items do not complete your decor. You also need to add a touch of glamour to the house. Bring in some throw away cushions, rugs and mismatched drapes to add a tinge of glamorous sophistication.

Set up your decor for a complete lively one and show your decor talent to the relatives and guests, this Raksha Bandhan.

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