Tips to avoiding decorating mistakes

A perfect blend of immense resources, choice and unique style; an exclusive decoration for any room can be acquired. However, there are some common decorating mistakes that you must avoid. No matter, it is a traditional decor, casual decor or kid’s room; here, we have listed a few sterling tips that you must follow for avoiding decoration disaster.Tips to avoiding decorating mistakes

  • Do not choose over-sized furniture:

When it comes to shopping for outfits, you get conscious of the size. You do not buy a dress that doesn’t fit you. Akin to this, do not buy furniture that doesn’t make a fit in the room. Whether you are buying a fresh or used furniture; jot down the space on a piece of paper. Accordingly, hold yourself and stick to your decision of not bringing mammoth size or tiny size sofa or bed. The best way would be discussing with interiors expert, so that you get the exact idea of furniture. The bottom line is, your furniture must look like Ice on the cake.

  • Don’t clutter unmatched patterns and prints:

Do not buy whatever you like, instead bring the stuff that matches your wall and floor. Discuss with the experts about the color scheme. Accordingly, choose an exclusive pattern for prints, stripes and plaids. Following a single pattern and choosing a large print will give you an alluring interior. Additionally, interesting weave and solid-colored texture are also trending because of their excellent look.

  • Place a beautiful carpet amidst room:

Visible and physical colorful elements in the room act as add-ons of the entire decoration. A carpet not only revamp the beauty of the room, but also provides a connectivity between furniture. Thus, it can be placed under the legs of tables, sofas and chairs. It is also noteworthy that, it must be placed with the precision so that slipping or sliding do not occurs.

  • Don’t push all furniture against the wall:

Come out from a myth that putting furniture against the walls of the room can give a widen look. Until you plan a party or something happening, do not make your furniture to stick with the wall. Organize sofa and table such that its back portion can flaunt its beauty. You can also put an elegant lamp beside it, so as to highlight its design. You must also know that moving chairs away from the wall can give your room open and airy look.

  • Show off your exquisite collectibles:

Everyone have some knick knacks or stuffs like an ashtray, flower pot, etc. A very few of them put them at the right place. You actually need to analyze their right position and consequently, you must place them. Hand-blown glass and wall-hangings are the best things that can enhance the look of an entire room, if placed at the right place. Try to replace old elements with the new ones from time to time.

  • Put family heirlooms only you like:

Just because it’s a precious collection of family heirlooms; you need not to hang it on every single wall of the room. You can refine the best ones and use them for decoration. This will not only help you in getting rid of useless stuff, but also the selected heirloom will give your home an accent. Always mind your class and then choose the decorative elements.

  • Try allocating elegant pillows:

Pillows are the great add-ons to any room. Realize the fact that your room need cushions or pillows? If your answer is ‘yes’. Get pillows and cushions of varied shapes, sizes, texture and color. Also, mind their softness and texture. They should be functional as well along with their beautiful look. They must give relax sitting on sofa or chair. Putting many on the bed is also worth.

  • Use slipcovers for furniture protection:

Fabrics with outstanding and creative style always give a wonderful appeal. Using them as a slipcover of furniture will not only empower the beauty of the room, but also protect it against dust and scratches. Avoid buying clear vinyl slipcovers. They might attract you while shopping, but they give a foul look. So, at any cost, don’t bring them, just buy some noticeable beautiful silk fabric. Keep replacing them from time to time to maintain a fresh look of your room.

  • Display your creative artwork and holders:

Just hanging mirrors and artworks around the room cannot give an appealing look of the walls. You must explore the standard height of hanging the elements. There are many resources that will guide you, how to determine the height of hanging pictures. The reason for choosing an appropriate height is the focal point created by mirror or picture enhance the space of the entire room.

  • Do not employ 100 watt bulbs for lamps and fixtures everywhere:

Reading under a bright light is always advised by health experts. But fixing high power bulbs everywhere is not wise, as every mood needs different lights. So, try using lights of different power in different rooms. Say, you need light for kitchen and study room; get high power bulbs. And, for bedroom and side lamps, you can fix low power lights. Dimmers are also the options that can control the entire light.

  • Buy furniture for comfort, not for style:

After the entire tiring day or for long hours discussion or party, comfortable chair is the best option. So, try bringing comfortable chairs, instead of stylish chairs. Before, you go for shopping, explore the different shops and buy chairs that are comfortable and trendy too. Such chairs, will allow your guests as well to enjoy party or visits for long hours.

  • Decorate according to theme not trend:

Buying furniture and decorating with beautiful elements is an expensive investment. So, do not follow the trend and buy anything you feel fashionable. Try consulting interior advisors and then bring the elements, including table, chair, hangings, lamp, etc., that matches the theme of your home. This way you will not only save a huge money, but you will also decorate the home with an elegance.

All these tips may help you a lot, if you are planning to give a makeover to your home interiors. You may also get in touch with decoration specialists or if you are creative, try out some changes on your own.

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