Home Décor Trends: What Is In Store For 2016?

The only constant factor in today’s time is change, and with every year the concept of fashion changes for your home and office décor enriching it and making it more stylish. What was trendy last year is just passé this year, the fashion and design gurus have all worked it out. Designers, artists and experts in this field have shared the forecast for upcoming trends for color, styles and elements for 2016. By tradition the fashion world strongly influences the interior design especially in fabrics, patterns, textures, colors and shapes. Be sure to follow the fashion trend for summer/ fall.

Home Decor Trends What Is In Store For 2016

Home Decor Trends What Is In Store For 2016

2016 is year of the ruling planet MARS, so red is going to be the hot favorite, so one of the new trends for 2016 is vibrant and fresher concepts. Colors are back, so also texture, floral designs, a lot of drama, but it will be colors that will be the main theme and trend this year. Color your walls in darker shades, be a little adventurous, go in for that darker shade of blue instead of a light blue or turquoise, or make your own style statement with different vibrant hues of pink. So be bold with color, this New Year.

Art pieces need not be small, let large canvas paintings to enlarged photographic images, let oversized art transform your interiors. Gold is in, may it be your faucets or hardware, copper is here as well but still on the fringes. Artisan accent pieces, Travel souvenirs, unique artisan pieces and flea market finds will take center stage in home designs as more homeowners gravitate towards decorating with more unique art pieces which have a story to tell.

Having a formal dining area is going to be in this season and tech-less living rooms will also be proof that your room can look smart without all the gadgets, and one can spend quality time with the family without distractions.

Bathrooms are one place that tends to be cluttered but 2016 will see an end to this. Make them cozy this year. Let your bathroom mirror be your style statement. Kitchens will eschew the perfect, polished look for a more eclectic vibe in 2016. Instead of incorporating one type of material people will turn to a variety of opposing styles to create a truly personalized space.

Expect to see metal finishes in kitchens which don’t match, a mixture of gold, bronze, gunmetal and silver are popping up in hardware stores. 2016 is a year for vibrant hues, matched with gold, bronze and copper artifacts, layered rugs and unique art or artisan pieces, will see a totally different style trend. Bold designs and different textures will be the main features with the help of modern technology.

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