Home Decor Rules You Need to Break

Just because it is trendy’ does not mean it will work for everyone. Many of the trends looked great in glossy photos, but don’t relate in real life. So avoid the herd mentality and declutter and be ready to say a big no to something which does not harmonize with the rest of the décor in spite of being trendy. Some trends are already on their way out some look utterly, inexcusably hideous, so don’t follow the rules laid down by some designers but be creative and let your décor speak for you.

Home Decor Rules You Need to Break

Walls are the basic focal point, once white painted walls or all white rooms were in vogue, they made rooms look bigger, but now with bold colors and patterns you can break the monotony and generate comfort and warmth, creating a different ambience altogether. Get away from neutrals, get artistic. Small rooms need not be painted in white, let go of old ideas and be different. Skip the uniformity which is so very depressing, modern luxury style decor is all about ultra-unique pieces, so show some personality.

Don’t let your décor look too aseptic. Break away from the matching everything rule, you can set a new trend by infusing different patterns, not identical but which transcend subtly from one to another. Do away with lettered wall decals, with home spun homilies about friendship, clouds or dreams. Poufs are a big no-no specially ones with newspapers stuffed in them which look very lopsided and sink lower with the weight, no one likes to sit just one foot above the floor.

Don’t have too many figurines, a laughing Buddha looks good but a whole lot of symbolic figures are just passé. Let some of your stuff just disappear into the night or be put up in the attic. Remember it is not imperative that all your table tops or cabinets should be covered by object’s art; place a few pieces collectively where the eye can rest.

Décor is all about what you would like to wake up to everyday and not something which may be kind of okay because it is trendy, something that you can relate to and not because it is the latest fashion. Break away from the rules. Create your own rules and your house will turn into a warm, cozy, welcoming home.

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