Home-Buying Journey: 5 Stops Where Your Train Will Halt

Buying a home is one of life’s greatest milestones, but the journey to unlocking the front door of your dream house can feel very overwhelming for many buyers. So how does one begin the process that leads to walking into their own home?

When you are financially ready to buy your first-home, you may think that you have all the information, which you have gathered online or from real estate apps, but there is more to home buying then just comparing two products. It’s a huge investment not only financially but also emotionally and it is a transaction which some people do only once in their lifetime.

Home-Buying Journey: 5 Stops Where Your Train Will Halt

Home-Buying Journey: 5 Stops Where Your Train Will Halt

Here are five stops that you will make along the journey to your new home. Before you embark on the journey of buying ask yourself these questions-

  • Am I better off buying than renting?

  • Do I understand the cost of home ownership?

  • Am I financially stable and do my credit scores effect by buying capability?

1)Explore, Discover and Dream– Viewing photos and reading listing description online, gives you a chance to dream and imagine all the things you would want in a house. In the comfort of your living room you can get all the information and competitive prices of properties in different towns. You need not make a commitment, you don’t need an agent, and it’s like freedom to rummage around a store without the sales person breathing down your neck.

2)Check out Things in Person- Soon your research will lead you to your dream home or an ideal deal or both. Here begins your second step. Actually stepping into a house takes your search to the next level.

3)Hook up with a Good Local Agent- Clicking that ‘Contact Agent’ button or showing up at the open house takes you to the next level or stop of your journey. Don’t click the first agent you find, try to look up referrals or ask your friends/family before hiring one. Having a good agent makes a big difference when buying an expensive property.

4)Trust Your Gut- What many people don’t realize is that a real estate deal is very emotional, what you see online is different and gives a different vibe when you are actually standing there. Be open in letting your feelings spill out you may feel remorse later if you don’t listen to your instincts.

5)Dig in- Before long you will be looking at listings every day and be on the open house circuit every week. At this stage check more listings with your agent and see more houses. The more you see the more you will learn about the market trends. When you come across the right one, you will know it. The time and effort will be worth it when you walk through that door of your new home.

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