Home Buyers: Know How to Buy Right kind of Amenity-Enabled Property

Buying a home is a big task especially when you are buying a first home as it involves searching for a budget-friendly property in the location of your choice and many other things. Then come amenities and finalization of the budget of the respective property. But, one thing which you must consider as a top priority is the amenities. Every residential property offers more than one feature and thus it is the prospect alias you who needs to choose a property for purchase while considering the requirements of the given amenities.

Amenity Enabled Property

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In short, the budget for owning a home can get off the track in case you opt for a home with almost all amenities that are offered with the particular property. This result in an increase of the cost price of a residential unit and thus you must know how to choose a home with right kind of amenities for you and your family.

Basic Amenities Offered by Realtor/Builder

The incorporation of modern designs for building homes in India now has reshaped the overall structure of the residential sector. Thus, the colonies are making a silent exit and the townships are taking their place frequently as the prospects welcome them with the open arms. In fact, the need of a secure, healthy and capacious homes at large made the realtors offer multiple amenities under one roof. Some of these amenities are basic and some are opulent. So, at first let us learn about the basic amenities you are offered with:

  1. 24×7 Security – The stringent law and order is important for secure living. Thus, the developers/builders today design townships with gated security and CCTV surveillance. Both these security system work round-the-clock and offer complete security from robbery, loot and every other kind of mishap.

  2. Elevators – The high-rise townships offer lifts and automatic/censored elevators that make climbing up to your floor easy. Although the housing projects have staircases too which are usually said to be a fire exit.

  3. Power Backup – The emergence of well-designed homes means that you must enjoy uninterrupted power supply. Thus, this is one of the basic amenities offered by the developer/builder today.

  4. Parking Area – A home buyer is likely to have a vehicle and thus a legal parking area is a big requisition. The parking of a vehicle anywhere on the roadside includes a lot of risk thus the township today comes with dedicated parking areas.

  5. Open Spaces – According to new rules the developer/builder has to keep a dedicated percentage of area open which is known as the green area. This open space is designed as a landscape garden in most of the townships which offers fresh air to breath.

These were the basic amenities offered to you. Now, have a look at opulent amenities which are mentioned below:

  • Walking/Jogging track

  • Play area

  • Club house

  • Swimming pool

  • Gym

  • Rooftop garden

  • Open deck

  • Sky lounge

  • Spa and salon

  • Concierge services

  • Restaurants

  • Party hall

  • Temple and religious activity place

  • Cinema hall

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

These 15 amenities make life luxurious and many people can enjoy life to the fullest without availing them. Thus, choose property wisely before finalizing the deal as the inclusion of all these amenities result in the price escalation in the property market.

Choose between Required and Non-required Amenities:

The budget plays a pivotal role in home buying and so does the lifestyle. Hence, the prospect opts for a home which suits both his/her lifestyle and budget. Thus, you as a home buyer must compare all amenities and choose to avail only the required ones as it reduces the price of your dream home.

For example, a home buyer looking for an affordable home will not be interested in availing Spa, Saloon, Gymnasium, clubhouse, swimming pool and Sky lounge type amenities. Instead, he/she will look for round-the-clock security, power back, water supply and well-ventilated rooms in a home.

On the other hand, a person looking for experience opulent lifestyle will look for a clubhouse, fitness centre, lounge, etc. kind of amenities as he/she won’t have a price constraint.

Amenities you must look for:

The basic amenities mentioned above in this blog post must be looked for as they help you live a peaceful and secure life. Also, the top five amenities allow you to experience healthy and fresh lifestyle which is important for every human to sustain in this polluted environment without falling ill frequently.

Ask if you are confused:

In case you don’t have a clear understanding of the amenities offered, then asks the developer/builder straightaway. For example, many realtors offer dual parking such as open and covered parking. It is not necessary to avail both because the prospect is required to pay extra charges for the covered parking as the open parking is included in the total price of a home.

Don’t Agree to Every Offer:

Review all amenities and say no to what you think is not required. Most importantly don’t run behind the discount offered by the developer/builder thinking that you are about to crack a wise deal.

Each home buyer has his/her own choices. Thus, we are only suggesting you to buy budget-friendly home where life will be at peace.