Holiday Trip to Kerala? Do Not Forget to Enjoy These 10 Amazing Things

India is a country that boasts of its scenic beauty and natural greens. One such part of India that is known for its green charm is Kerala. The city is known for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches, splashing backwaters and the expansive natural landscape. There are innumerable things you can do in Kerala in order to make your holidays memorable. However, we are listing a few things here that you must do when you visit this beautiful city.
Holiday Trip to Kerala Do Not Forget to Enjoy These 10 Amazing Things1- Snake Boat Race- It is a traditional boat race in Kerala and a major tourist attraction. It is known as Vallam Kali and is held in Alappuzha. It is traditional event held during their most important festival Onam usually between July and September. Beautiful colored boats race from one destination to another. You can also hire a boat to watch the race closely.

2- Swimming in the Arabian Sea- Situated 50 km from the Trivandrum International Airport, the Varkala beach gives you an amazing chance to bathe in the mineral rich salty water of the Arabian Sea. You would rarely get such a chance so do not miss it when you visit Kerala.

3- Bathing Elephants- Yes you read it right. You can bathe elephants in the Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary. You just have to pay for it and you can get a chance to bathe elephants, feed them, ride them and watch the baby elephants throwing tantrums. The sanctuary is 42 km from Kochi.

4- Bike Ride- The cool breeze filtering through the natural greens is best felt when riding a bike. You can start your journey from Kottayam to Idukki where you can watch the Idukki Arch Dam. You can take three different routes to the destination.

5- Ride a Houseboat- The houseboat ride is the most popular attraction of Kerala. Alleppey is the place where you can enjoy this. You can travel through the lush green landscapes and the serene backwaters of the city in the houseboat while enjoying a freshly served meal in South Indian style.

6- Staying in a Tree House- This is one dream every child shares. So what if you could not fulfill it in your childhood; you can do it now in Kerala. Places like Munnar and Wayanad offers you to live in a tree house and enjoy the nature’s beauty to the fullest.

7- Fort Kochi- Fort Kochi is an architectural masterpiece in Kerala and a must-visit place for tourists. It is a mix of Dutch, Portuguese, Arab and Chinese architecture. You can either maneuver around or rent a bicycle to visit the entire place.

8- Theyyam- Theyyam is a traditional dance performance that is arranged in various parts of North Kerala. Normally staged in the temples, these beautiful dance programs will bring out the traditional in you.

9- Bird Watching- Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a must visit place for the bird lovers. You will get to see an entire range of migratory birds that you might not have seen before. The right time to visit this place is November to February.

10- Jungle Jeep Ride– One of the most fascinating things to do in Kerala is to take the Jungle Jeep Ride in Periyar. Thekkady is the place famous for its rich flora and fauna. You can take this ride in the Periyar Jungle and make the most of your holiday trip.

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