Here is Why Green Homes Offer Better Living

The property market is witnessing a huge change in the housing trend. This is because of the smart home buyers who wish to buy a healthy home for their family.

Green Homes

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Well, what’s healthier than living in a healthy environment and the concept of Green Home offers everything under one roof to fulfill the buyers demand. But, then also many people misinterpret the meaning of an eco-friendly alias a green home. So, first have a look at the common misbeliefs about the same.

Myths about a Green Home

The first myth is that a home buyer is required to pay more for buying a green home instead of the costs which people spend to buy a regular home. The next myth is that an eco-friendly home won’t fit in the requirements of a middle-class alias the common man’s home aspirations. Finally, the biggest myth about buying a green home is that one is required to spend a huge amount for the maintenance of the same.

Interestingly, all these points are nothing but a misconception made by the prospects.

What is a Green Home?

A green home is that part of a locality which is structured amid the green belt. Another thing is that one is required to make minimum usage of an artificial power unit and water supply connection. Yes, it is possible in a green home as these homes are designed with solar panel installation, rainwater harvesting system, complete waste disposal management and lush green area.

Benefits of Green Home

Scroll the page down and know how you can experience healthy living after buying a green home:

  1. Clean Air Environment:

    The installation of solar power panel, proper garbage disposal and the rainwater harvesting system minimize the production of impure air and thus keep the air less polluted.

  2. Healthy Living:

    The use of natural resources or eco-friendly material in the construction of green homes flush out the least possible toxic from the building and helps you live a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Budget-Friendly:

    The green home demands investment once only. A home buyer is required to spend money on the installation of solar panels and other systems when getting the home ready. But, the person needs not to pay anything extra for maintenance of the same in the later stages.

Consider These Points While Buying a Green Home

  1. Ask the builder if he/she has used eco-friendly building material as it reduces the change of air pollution and also keeps the living structure cool in comparison to the regular homes particularly in the summer season.

  2. Then cross check the green building certification for the building which the builder or the home seller must be talking about very confidently. Every green home must a have minimum of one green certificate from any of the following three associations which are: Green Certification from Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)

In short, a green home is not being designed for any specific section of the society and buying these kinds of homes is also not a costly affair.