Green Homes: Equipment to Utilize Solar Energy for Daily Chores

Solar power is the energy of the sun which can be used to generate heat or electricity. It is clean, quiet and most importantly renewable. Two broad uses are in the form of heat or electricity and light or photovoltaic cells [a small cell for your watch or light for an entire street]. The sun produces enough energy to sustain the earths need for years to come. It is economically sensible and environmentally sustainable. We are blessed with solar energy in abundance and at no cost.Green Homes: Equipment to Utilize Solar Energy for Daily Chores

Now that the world has realized the importance of sustainable development, we have started our quest to harness the renewable sources as much as possible. Several devices have been invented that run entirely on solar power.

One popular device which harnesses solar energy is the Solar Water Heater. Solar water heater turns cold water into hot water with the help of sun rays. Around 60deg to 80deg temperature can be attained depending on solar radiation. The device is useful for homes, hospitals and industries. The system can be installed on rooftops, building terraces, overhead tanks and even on the ground where sun rays fall. This method calls for lesser utility cost, less carbon dioxide release and saves plenty of energy. The initial installation cost may be high but returns are great.

Another device is Solar Panel. Why consume energy when you can generate it? With a solar panel system you can save money on electricity bills. Solar panels are photovoltaic [PV] cells; they harness sunlight, transform it into energy and then send that energy to an invertor which converts that into electricity to power your home. Solar panels are designed to provide uninterrupted power for your computers, fans, lights, water pumps, fridge and other electronics. Replace your rooftops and generate electricity from solar panels.

A useful device running on solar power is Solar Cooker. Most solar cookers work on the basic principle where sunlight is converted into heat energy which is retained for cooking. Solar cookers need an outdoor spot which is sunny for several hours. Solar cookers when used properly and safely cook all types of food including meat, grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits.

To have a supply of pure water and lesser cost, you can use Solar Water Pasteurization. Disease causing organisms in water are killed by exposure to heat in a process called pasteurization. Water pasteurization is also an innovation of solar power. Using solar energy in different forms in your home helps you- a) Save money on electric bills; b) Increases the value of your home; c) Locking energy costs for years to come; d) Decrease your carbon foot print. All this can be done by harnessing solar energy .A wide range of solar equipment are available and can be utilized for daily home use which are cost effective, renewable and Eco-friendly. LED lights, solar lamps, solar heaters, solar invertors are a few commonly used items. Save the exhaustible natural resources; use solar energy which is an inexhaustible resource.

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