Green Home: A Perfect Décor Idea

Cooling is a mantra of many people in order to set home decor for the summer season. Of course, you must have also bought the bamboo chic and artificial grass in order to make your place look green and cool.

Green Home

Img : greenhome-construction

But, do you know that there is a permanent solution to get rid of the change in home décor as per the season? The answer is yes. Now get yourself a green home and stay cool and relaxed in every season.

Know how a Green home is the Best Décor Idea:

  1. Design Green Surrounding –

    The architecture of a green home provides ample space for an open garden, terrace garden and also gives you a dedicated space to grow herbs and other plants.

  2. Consumes Less Toxic Air –

    A green home is made up of natural and less toxic materials that keep the environment nice and clean.

  3. Minimum Use of Energy Units –

    Yes, the green home has a solar panel installed and also incorporates the rainwater harvesting system and systematic disposal of garbage. All this leads to lesser power consumption and thus keep the living atmosphere cool as the power units flush out the minimum amount of heat especially during the summer season.

  4. Decorate Home with Plants –

    Bring in some indoor plants like Areca Palm, Chinese Evergreen, Reed Palm, Boston Fern, English Ivy and Ficus alii. These plants purify the air and keep home cool during the summer.

  5. Green Wall –

    This is a perfect way to keep the home walls cool particularly when it’s a bright and sunny day. Also, the green wall enhances the exterior design of a home and makes the place look perfectly designed for the summer season.