Custom Home Decor- For The One With ‘Green Fingers’

Everybody loves nature, but a true nature lover is one who loves nature and nurtures it. If you love plants and have itching green fingers, let it subtly show in your home décor. Needless to say, it’s amazing what a bit of greenery can do to liven up a space. You can have different set of plants for different rooms. If you have a house with a front garden, it is this garden that will create the first impression on the visitors; a garden that is not cared for will give a wrong impression even if the interior is immaculate.

Custom Home Decor- For The One With ‘Green Fingers’

There is nothing more appealing than a paved walkway to the front door surrounded by lush lawn and flower beds. The top front ideas for decorating gardens of modern homes include clean lines, light colors and spectacular finishes. Choose shrubs and plants which will last throughout the year reducing the need to dig your garden and replanting. Not all of us live in bungalows but apartments or match-box size homes, but adding a green touch will definitely bring life into your space.

Better yet you can add character to your setup by choosing colorful or fun vases or pots. Great care has to be taken to ensure aesthetics of the interiors and to enhance it to the absolute maximum point. While coordinating plants, they are often placed through suitable combinations or as being a single specimen pot. For a significant room group of strong leaved large plants have to be placed against a major wall, single specimens are appropriate for smaller rooms. Like intricate little sculptures, mini cacti and succulents make an intriguing assemblage.

Mix round pointy, shiny and matte plants unifying them with just two types of neutral pots. Use plants which don’t need direct sunlight in the middle of a room, away from the windows. Set them on narrow tables or console behind a sofa as an organic room divider. A galvanized tray is perfect for protecting your furniture. Stuff multiple plants into a big colorful pot for instant lushness; pick dense plants with glossy foliage. A modern saucer or a slab of marble adds panache.

Most of your decorative , ornate indoor plants are cacti, palms ,snake-plant, phlox, petunias, etc. which create a pretty picture and add glitz, glamour and a touch of class to your home décor. Gardening takes a lot of knowledge, tons of patience, time and relentless effort to continue in the face of failure. Your plants look awesome if you are innovative with the colors, designs and material of your pots and containers and the strategic placement of your little green pets.

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