Factors that Govern a Homebuyers Decision in the NCR

Buying a home is the ultimate dream of an individual. Delhi-NCR region has become the favorite of the modern homebuyer. Gurgaon, Noida and Greater Noida are the three regions which are popular. One can say that location, budget, amenities and quality construction have become the key and deciding factors for buyers while investing in commercial properties.

Factors that Govern a Homebuyers Decision in the NCR

Factors that Govern a Homebuyers Decision in the NCR

As the realty landscape changes so does the needs of the buyers. The needs of a home buyer have evolved in the last few years. A home no longer depicts shelter, but for the new buyer, his home is a refuge of recreation, comfort, social life, security and convenience at his door-step. To cater to this need the developers try to provide all the necessary amenities and give the buyer a wholesome experience with his home.

Safe Location- These days, homebuyers are interested in making property investments in locations which have a safe reputation. Safety does need to be ensured before buying a home in any location. Even in a single region some places bear better image and are safer than the others. These days developers provide good security measures, so you don’t have to be worried once you are inside the complex. So the choice of location and place is an important feature for today’s homebuyer.

Connectivity and Distance- These are important for people, who have to commute every day for work. Time taken daily going to office and back again is an important factor, which one has to take into consideration before buying a home. Availability of medical aid close by and educational institutes in the proximity play an important role in the decision of a homebuyer. Commercial places, shopping malls/shops, recreation, all these things affect the home buyer.

Delhi-NCR ‘Made to Fit’- Delhi-NCR offers huge variety when it comes to residential properties. It starts from 1BHK homes to 5BHK homes, villas and even offers penthouses. It has something for everyone. The budget varies from project to project, and is within the grasp of the common man. It caters for the affluent buyer also, and you have all the amenities and beyond to suit you.

Greenery and Open Space- This is what people are looking for, these regions offer them that and is one factor which attracts the prospective buyer.

So to sum it up today’s buyer is smart and knows what he wants, these things are available in these regions, with good sports facilities, schools, educational institutes and A-Grade construction.

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