Say No to Pollution; Hello to Green Diwali!

The celebrations are here, Diwali is here! The preparations for Diwali celebrations start way before the actual day. The home is all decorated, sweets are prepared, gifts are bought and the entire aura is full of celebratory enthusiasm. Crackers and diyas are the essence of this festival. But it is of late that we have realized how harmful crackers are for the environment. To make Diwali celebrations more eco-friendly, the concept of Green Diwali is in focus nowadays.

Go Green Diwali Decoration

Amidst all the joys, we should not forget about Mother nature. A little awareness can make a huge difference. Here are a few tips to help you celebrate a Green Diwali, this year.

Choose Earthen Lamps- The home decor for Diwali is all about lighting it up. Traditionally, diyas were used for decorations but with time people started opting for colorful lights and chinese strings. These definitely consume more power. Hence, you should go for the traditional and ethnic earthen lamps and diyas. These do not cause pollution and will give your home a different look. You can use decorated diyas and set them in alluring patterns in and around your house.

Use eco-friendly crackers- Yes, there are eco-friendly crackers available in the market. They are made in innovative ways to generate lesser pollution. Recycled papers are used in the manufacture which makes it more environment friendly.

Handmade Cards and Gifts- Instead of spending on costly gifts for your friends and relatives, give them handmade cards wrapped in handmade gift wraps. These gifts are more economical and also have a better sentimental value attached to it. Use ribbons, bindis and decorative cloth pieces and show your creativity.

Give your home a natural aroma- The last and most important connection to home decor is the aroma of your house. Instead of artificial room fresheners and devices, use natural products such as scented candles or incense sticks. You can also buy eco-friendly Rangoli colors for your home.

Make other’s Diwali beautiful- There are the poor people who can’t celebrate Diwali as enthusiastically as you do. So do some charity work and make their Diwali beautiful too. When you clean your home before Diwali, make sure to keep the things you no longer find necessary; give them away to the poor or to an NGO. This will make you feel happy and proud too.

Diwali is the time of celebrating happiness, so why not enjoy it with your neighbours. Engage in community activities within your society. Instead of paying visits to everyone, arrange a party in the lawn in the evening. Everyone can enjoy bursting crackers and eating sweets together.

After the celebrations are over, make sure to clean up. Do not leave the burnt remains of the crackers. Sweep them away and dispose off in an environment friendly manner. Have a happy Diwali, have a Green Diwali!

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