DIY Decor: Give Your Old Wooden Chairs A New Look!

Do you have a bunch of those old wooden chairs that just sit idle at the corners of your house? Chairs, racks, bean bags, coffee tables etc., are the things that you buy out of immediate attraction because of their new look. But as you slowly become used to it, the same is replaced by newer items and the old ones just add to the ‘decor-clutter’ of your house. It is easier to use the old rugs and upholstery by creating DIY Rug Centerpiece or by carving out another showpiece out of the old ones. But what about the furniture such as the wooden chairs!

DIY Decor Give Your Old Wooden Chairs A New Look!

DIY Decor Give Your Old Wooden Chairs A New Look!

We suggest instead of buying new stuff, you can give a new look to your old wooden chairs. Here is the step-by-step guide to how you can do it.

What do you need?

  • Spray paints of your favorite color

  • Sandpaper

  • Plastic Sheets

  • Detergent

  • Plastic slider and pins

  • Primer (if the spray paint does not have primer in it)

  • Mask to cover nose and mouth

How to:

Spray painting is the best way to convert your old chairs into new ones. Get hold of the above mentioned supplies and choose the right place where you will do it. It is advised to do the spray painting outdoors where the fumes can easily disappear.

Paint the chairs one by one.

  • First of all, spread the plastic sheeting on the floor to avoid staining it. If there is a wall behind the chair, sheet it too.

  • Since the old chairs have been used for quite some time, you must sand the surface with medium sandpaper.

  • Wash off the dirt with detergent.

  • Let the surface dry. Now you have a wooden chair with a surface as good as new.

  • Cover your face with the mask. Wear goggles.

  • Coat with one layer of primer and let dry (only in case the spray paint does not have primer in it).

  • Shake the spray paint can vigorously.

  • Then start spraying on the chair surface holding it upright about 15” away from it.

  • Continue moving the can back and forth.

  • After applying one coat, start with the second one within a few minutes.

  • See if you need to apply more paint. If yes, do the same within an hour. Otherwise wait for 24 hours.

You wouldn’t want the freshly painted chairs to stick to the floor of your house. To avoid this, Place the plastic slider on each of its leg bases and then hammer the pin.

You can use these new chairs for your kids room or for the dining area.

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