This December, Give Your Home a Christmassy Décor!

December is here and it brings the festive essence of Christmas with it. So get into the Christmas spirit and let your home sparkle on the outside and decorate it in the traditional manner on the inside. Let your home décor imbibe the festive spirit and let your home symbolize the merriment of Christmas, by being warm and welcoming.

  • Get a Christmas tree and let your home and family get the Christmassy feeling. Get a real tree or an artificial one; let it take a prime position in your living room where the entire family will collect for Christmas, to open their presents. Decorate the tree in your personal style.

  • String some lights on the tree, a tree lit by white light or colored lights is a beautiful sight to behold during Christmas. Wind the string round the tree in a spiral pattern.

    This December, Give Your Home a Christmassy Décor!

    This December, Give Your Home a Christmassy Décor!

  • Decorate the tree with some ornaments; you can get decorations, like baubles and colored balls, stars etc. in the stores.

  • Add a tree topper; it is usually a star, the Star of David. You could also top the tree with an angel, or a snowflake.

  • Decorate the bottom of the tree and around it, add some white glitter to symbolize fresh snow.

  • Hang Stockings- Hang them across the fireplace, the mantle or any other place but should be in the same room as the Christmas tree. You can get stockings from the market, let each member have his own stocking, Santa Claus may be feeling generous.

  • Mistletoe- get some fresh mistletoe or a faux one, hang it with the help of a small hook from a doorway between two rooms. Tie green and red ribbons around the plant.

  • Hang Lights around the room where you will have your festive activities, light up the outside of your home with string-lights and maybe a sign saying ‘Merry Christmas’.

  • Display a manger in the Christmas room or near the Christmas tree with a little baby Jesus. Decorate your other rooms also with baubles, lights or candles.

  • Place electric candles, one in each window so they can shine and be seen from outside. Hang some Christmas cards from the window or place them around the room.

  • Place a Christmas wreath on the main door and use decorative doormats with Christmas theme on them.

  • Decorate your table with Christmas table setting where all the festive food will be laid out, for a scrumptious feast.

  • Have some music ready to bring on the festive mood.

Decorating the house for Christmas is as exciting as opening your presents on Christmas morning, so go ahead and let your home look Christmassy and festive.

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