Gift Ideas For Housewarming Parties

Wondering what to gift your neighbour/friend for their house-warming party? There are lots of wonderful gifts that are appropriate for such occasions. A new house deserves a new gift. If you are invited for such an occasion take something suitable for the new residence, keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the host and what kind of relationship you share with them. The gift need not be very big or expensive, but practical that can be useful to the new residents.

Gift Ideas For Housewarming Parties

Plants or flowers are always a good idea, but make sure they are fresh. If giving flowers try and give them in a vase this will look attractive and even after the flowers have withered away the vase can be used. Giving indoor plants is also a very good idea, as they grow your host will always continue bring thankful to you.

Feng- Shui items make wonderful gifts .They symbolize good wishes, prosperity and wealth. Your host will love them, as they will be a sign of good omen. A lot of shops display them, so you can have your pick. Candles – different types of candles- colored, aromatic [soothing] or scented are available. You can create your own candles. Candles are always welcome in any household.

Luxury soaps and Bath Salts –After a tiring day your hostess can relax in her bath with scented soap and bath salts. Towel set which is monogramed or a welcome monogramed mat for the entrance. Art or wall décor –a lot of contemporary and modern art is available, so you can choose accordingly as to the host’s lifestyle.

Small carved statues are also a good choice. Candlesticks-perfect for mantel, dresser top, an entry table or a coffee table, choose from brass, glass or silver. Picture frames-for a casual home pewter, glass, wood, bamboo and for a formal crystal or silver. Dramatic vases or serving bowls –glass, crystal or silver.

A door knocker makes a very impressive gift. Kitchen-items are also a very practical and useful concept. An Afghan or a rug is a gift which your host will cherish. These make a very heartfelt housewarming gift. Gifts can be traditional, contemporary, modern or unique. It is the thought that counts, do not recycle your gifts. Try to be innovative and practical while choosing a gift. It is not the cost but the effort you put in while picking a gift which will always be etched in the memory of your host. So search, browse and come up with an original idea as to what to gift or the least you can do is spread warmth with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Happy gift hunting!

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