How to get the Right Lighting for your Home

The way your home is lit can give an insight of how it feels and functions. The right lighting will make your home inviting and provide safety and security. After furniture and other accessories the next important thing is lighting to enhance your décor and create a warm and cozy ambience. The right lighting sets the mood and tone of a space; on the other hand experts say that bad lighting can alienate the furniture and people in the space, thus creating an uncomfortable or tense atmosphere.

Lighting is for ambiance, aesthetics, tasks and seeing better in your home. See if your home has all the lighting qualities you would like or you could make a few changes.

How to get the Right Lighting for your Home

How to get the Right Lighting for your Home

Get to know your lighting possibilities

How to get the right lighting for your home-

  1. Ambient or general lighting, which provides overall illumination for the room. It’s the cornerstone of lighting a room, and usually consists of ceiling, wall or recessed lights.

  2. Task lighting which is used for cooking, reading or doing any specific job.

  3. Accent lighting which brings in drama, depth and helps in creating an illusion and illuminates key features like art work, books or the architecture of the room.

  4. Provide lighting for safety and security of your home. Walkaways, sidewalks, the perimeter and the front entry of your home should be lit by ambient light. Dim light on the exterior is a welcome sign for intruders and extra bright lights are expensive and problematic to the neighbors.

Use exterior wall scones for décor- Wall scones provide washes of light against the exterior walls of your home creating an ambiance in the evening hours; exterior lighting need not be utilitarian. Directional scones can enhance the architectural beauty of your home.

Multiple light sources for the inside of your home- For kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces multiple light sources are required, for you to achieve a variety of functions and activities in that space. For your kitchen, under counter lights can help you in your tasks, in the living room a floor lamp near your couch or favorite reading chair can do wonders. In bathroom the lighting at the mirror should be free from shadows and glaring light.

Each room has different lighting needs-

  • Bedroom lighting- Think about mood lighting, dimmer switches, wardrobe lights, dressing table lights and reading lamps.

  • Dining- Candlelight can be a natural source, chandeliers, wall scones can be a great idea, but experts say your light source should be narrower than your dining table.

  • Hallways- They are like rooms and should be properly lit, light stairs from above if there’s one central light and see that there are no shadows or dark corners.

Make use of natural light by using mirrors, besides this you have also to consider the minefield that is light bulbs and globes. Certain lighting tricks can make a small room look bigger and a large room feel cozy. Getting the right balance is the key to right lighting.

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