Easy Fixes for Your Bedroom Décor

Are you fed up of the same boring bedroom décor, want to jazz it up a little so it looks exciting and comfortable? Liven up the look and feel of your bedroom with a host of simple and inexpensive actions. In fact just a few simple projects can make your bedroom your favorite hotspot in the house. You don’t have to go in for major renovations, to spruce up your bedroom, a few simple innovative changes and adjustments can create magic.

Easy Fixes for Your Bedroom Décor

Easy Fixes for Your Bedroom Décor

Bring the walls to life- This is the best place to start. Pale, drab walls are a big no-no; they will definitely dampen the mood. Liven up your walls by applying a fresh coat of paint or simple pieces of art. The art need not be expensive but tasteful. Painting one wall in your favorite color can make a world of a difference.

Light up- Nothing sets the tone and mood of your bedroom like the choice of lighting. Try to select wisely, go in for vibrant and active style. A stylish lampshade on the bedside table or a chic overhead fixture with personality can do wonders for the atmosphere and create a cozy, comfortable ambience.

Clean up or Declutter- Clean up all the clutter you have collected and store it away in storage boxes. Cleaning up the room and organizing it will open up the space.

Rearrange your furniture- This way you clean your room and get rid of unwanted allergens and hidden dirt, but freshen up and update your room.

Plants- Brighten up your room by placing some plants like parlor palms and pothos plants, they will also help in producing oxygen. Plants will help you to bring some greenery in.

Find your dream rug- A cold hard floor will never entice you out of bed, but even if you have carpet, a long pile textured rug is an instant game changer when it comes to cozying up your bedroom. Make it super-size so it is even under the bed if possible to avoid slippage.

Add a stylish headboard- The first thing you see when you walk into a bedroom is the bed, so make it pack a punch by adding a sumptuous headboard. The more the layers and textures in the room the better it looks and the cozier it feels.

Cushions and throwaways- Liven up your bedroom with colorful cushions or throwaways. A little color will change the atmosphere.

A few changes may they be the lights, walls or the bed itself can help create a totally different look and change the entire ambience of the bedroom.

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