Five Steps to a DIY Rug Centerpiece

The essence of a classy decor does not lie in an expensive emulsion or antiques; what defines excellence is a simple center piece that becomes the focal point of the entire decor. However, it is very difficult to choose the right centerpiece for your home because a wrong choice will worsen it more than beautifying. A center piece can be a vase, a center rug or anything that is attractive enough to be the focal point of your room.

Five Steps to a DIY Rug Centerpiece

In our recent blog about the Decor Trends of 2015, we talked about how top interior designers are using rugs adorn the walls of elite homes. Rugs are not only for the floor, you can also DIY a rug into a center piece. Here are the steps to create such an artsy piece of decor.

What you need

  • An old rug or the remnants of a rug, preferably 5×7 m. The size may vary depending upon your choice.

  • Cardboard

  • Paper

  • A pair of Scissors

  • Fabric Paints

  • Paint Brush

  • Marker/Pen/Pencil

  • Fabric Protector

How to make

Step 1- Decide a pattern you want to use for your center piece. Be sure to select one that is less intricate and easy to carve out. Trace it out on a paper and cut it out using scissors. Then carefully place it on the cardboard and cut out the design. Paste the two together.

Step 2- Now using the cut out as a stencil, draw the design on whole of the rug. Trace it properly and carefully.

Step 3- Now trace the line of your work area with newspaper and fill the insides of the pattern. Do not go for complicated designs. Keep it simple.

Step 4- Using fabric color and a foam brush, paint the entire rug in the color you want. The shade might appear darker when wet so be careful about choosing the right shade. Once the rug is painted, leave it to dry.

Step 5- If you are a good painter, try giving it a better look by using lighter shades of the same color at the required areas. Let it dry again.

After the paint is dry and taken its natural form, spray the rug with some fabric protector.

Hang your beautiful center piece wherever you want and create an impression.

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