Five Myths about Selling Your Home

You want to sell your home, well rest assured to get free advice by people who may not have the slightest inkling as how to go about it, but well advice is for free. Unfortunately not all the unsolicited are true. Misinformation can make you waste your time and will tax your pockets. When it comes to putting your home on the market, it requires tact and research. Doing this you will be able to distinguish between facts and myths.

Five Myths about Selling Your Home

Five Myths about Selling Your Home

Here are some myths which you can uncover and this will help to sell your faster and for the right price.

Myth 1- You should always price your home high and then lower it.

Truth- Pricing too high can be as bad as pricing it too low. You may feel that you can be smart by listing your home on the higher side, may be if lucky you may get the price, but most of the time you are bound to miss the buyer who is looking at a particular price bracket. You may not even get offers as genuine buyers may be put off by the price range. You may lose a lot of buyers by the time you think of correcting the price. Get a comparative rate in your area and on similar properties, you can take the help of a certified agent.

Myth 2- I need to redo my kitchen and bathrooms before selling.

Truth- While kitchens and bathrooms can increase the value of your home, you won’t get a large return on your home if you do major renovations before selling. Minor renovations may increase your home value, also check and compare with what the other properties in your area are offering so you can compete in the market.

Myth 3- The outside of my home is not as important as the inside.

Truth- Home buyers often make snap judgments by just seeing the exterior of the house. Therefore curb appeal is very important. A lot of buyers do online searches or drive done taking in the exterior and if your home has no curb appeal the buyer will not bother to enter the premises. So make some small changes and make the exterior look clean and welcoming. You can plant some flowers or use attractive porch lights, all to increase the face value of your property.

Myth 4- If my house is clean I don’t need to stage my home.

Truth- Clean and tidy is good but it is not enough to toss the dirty linen in the closet and sweep the stairs, the bar has raised a buyer needs more. Staging will help you highlight the plus points and diffuse the drawbacks, so that the buyer is suitably impressed. It’s all about impressions.

Myth 5- Home buyers can look past the paint colors they don’t like.

Truth- Moving is a tiresome affair and some buyers may feel they can manage painting also, but most buyers prefer a well painted house. You can enhance your home’s look by applying a fresh coat of paint, especially in neutrals. Neutral paints also help the property stand out in online photographs. From professional staging to a fresh coat of paint you should know what to do to sell your home and get rid of the false notions you have.

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