Fire Safety at Your Apartment Complex

We are all moving towards the urban apartment complex trend. It is important to know your building fire safety evacuation plan. Fire is always unexpected. Preparing for it should be on your priority list. Responding to fire requires quick decisions and fast actions in a setting that can be loud, dark, smoky and hot. The dense nature of apartment living allows for the spread of smoke, heat and fire. Be prepared for a fire emergency; attend the fire drills held by the society where you live. Fire Safety is the responsibility of each and every resident of the apartment complex. Managing Committees must set up emergency procedures to ensure safety and damage control in case of a fire.

Fire Safety at Your Apartment Complex

Here are few tips to ensure your and your family’s safety during such mishaps:

  • Install and maintain proper Smoke Alarms.
  • Ensure all fire fighting equipment is in proper working condition.
  • Ensure Emergency exits and Staircases are free of any obstruction that may impede quick movement. Keep them unlock always.
  • Have regular Fire Drills.
  • Compulsory fire extinguishers in every apartment and lobbies.
  • Every floor, basement should have proper signs marked pointing to the nearest exit.
  • There should be primarily two fire exits.
  • Educate everybody to take the stairs during such an emergency.

What should you do when facing a fire emergency?

  • Call the fire rescue department and ambulance.
  • Do not use the lift.
  • Call all the family members.
  • If clothes are on fire roll on the ground do not panic.
  • If caught indoors seal yourself in for safety and stay near the window so you can attract the fireman to help you.

Planning and awareness is the key to fire safety. Buildings should be periodically tested for their fire safety systems. Another important advice is to get your belongings and home insured against a fire breakout.

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