Welcome this Festive Season with a Blissful Home Décor

Festive season is just round the corner and everybody wants to do something different especially with their home décor. You want your home to look warm, welcoming and classy- all rolled in one. So start planning now, make a list of the things you want and some changes you want to make. We all want to have new things, bright and stylish so get real and get organized. Plan it out, start early and follow some simple tips to a stress free festive season.

Welcome this Festive Season with a Blissful Home Décor

Paint in New Hues- Paint your walls or wallpaper them, try a different color scheme. Nothing can give your home a better look than freshly painted walls. They impart a sense of freshness and newness to your home.

A Little Rearrangement- Rearrange your furniture, this will change the entire feel of your décor. Just shifting that couch to another corner and placing a set of ottomans at the foot of sofa can do wonders with your interior design.

Don’t Spend All of It- You know that the festive décor is just for the time being. So do not get overexcited about it. Make good use of your money. Use the things you already have, like vases; fill them up with fresh flowers and set them up in different rooms or Dress up Your Hallways to create a good impression on the guests. You can try changing the upholstery or curtains and this will change the entire scenario of your room giving it a new look.

Don’t Fall Blindly for New Trends- Everywhere you look there is a new trend screaming at you, so choose wisely. Not every new trend is going to look perfect for your home. Do your research as to what you need.

Bring New Lights- Create a festive look by adding the sparkle of lights around your home; this will light up your home and your mood. Brighten your living room by using vibrant color sofa cushions and floral decoration.

Make it Welcoming- Boost the spiritual quotient of your home. A Rangoli at your entrance will be very welcoming as it is also a good omen. Lamps/diyas along the entrance and fresh flowers will look very welcoming. Keep a separate corner/space for sweets and gifts. The food and sweets corner can be nearer the kitchen so you can replenish whenever you want.

Keep a separate kids’ section, because this is a time when friends and relatives visit or get together with their families. Prepare a separate room or corner where kids can play or watch cartoons. Planning early will help you decorate your home in a cohesive manner, so you finish your work early and enjoy your festive season instead of running from pillar to post at the last moment.

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