False Ceiling – An Ultimate Way to Make Roof look Awe-Inspiring

Are you getting home paint ready to welcome the change of season? Then, let us tell you that having POP and paint on the ceiling are the things of past. As today, the home décor has taken a huge leap and thus people love to experiment with different things such as false ceiling which offers an affluent look to the home.

Of course, not everyone owns an independent villa but this doesn’t mean that you can’t make the place look beautiful. In fact, here are the designs that will enhance the look of your home as you combine the colors and designs according to the choice.

Check out the trendy false ceiling designs now:

1. False Ceiling at Dining Area –

The wooden framed false ceiling with a single string hanging in the middle offers ample lighting in the dining area. Also, the illumination of transparent light in this ceiling will make space look bigger.

False Ceiling at Dining Area

Img : pinimg

2. False Ceiling in Flower Design

Add some beautifully crafted flower-based false ceiling in the living room and offer a garden fresh look to your home. Also, the illumination of light shade bulbs in this area will give a glowing look to the entire space.

False Ceiling in Flower Design

Img : ytimg

3. Rectangular Shaped False Ceiling

Make your bedroom look bigger, better and brighter as the rectangular-shaped false ceiling offer a long and wide look to the room. Also, the small segregation into the long rectangle-shaped false ceiling makes the roof twinkle like stars in the room.

Rectangular Shaped False Ceiling

Img : bourre-valdecher

4. Beautiful False Ceiling for Kids Room

We suggest you have a dual tone in the false ceiling of the kid’s room. The children love to have bright colors around them. So, choose their favorite colors and turn the plain looking roof into a stylish false ceiling with it.

Beautiful False Ceiling for Kids Room

Img : blogspot

5. Sun-Shaped False Ceiling in Living Room

Give a rising feel to yourself by installing a sun-shaped false ceiling at home. Also, color the ceiling according to the shades of sun and let the home shine like the Sun.

Sun-Shaped False Ceiling in Living Room

Img : digikids

6. Delicate-Looking False Ceiling

Add a touch of elegance by opting for this pretty-looking false ceiling. You can change the shape and color scheme of this false ceiling as per the need.

Delicate-Looking False Ceiling

Img : interiorsroom

7. Combination of Lights & Fan

The red and cream color combination on the false ceiling offers a different look to the place. Also, the installation of fan and lighting fixtures here gives a lavish feel to the room. So, try this partial false ceiling at home this summer season.

Combination of Lights & Fan

Img : russwittmann

8. Round-Shaped False Ceiling

Bring home the light colors while lying a shade of coolness at home. This round-shaped false ceiling is perfect for large living room as it balances the space and volume of the place.

Round-Shaped False Ceiling

Img : connectorcountry

Try these funky false ceiling designs and give home a perfect summer home décor.