Environmental Guidelines Issued for the Construction Industry

Environmental protection is one of the most important concerns that is now taken seriously all around the globe. All sorts of activities carried on by us humans is hampering the natural quality of our environment and making it less livable. Like all the other sectors, the real estate sector also needs to bring in a few changes in its operation so that it causes less harm to the environment.

Environmental Guidelines Issued for the Construction Industry

Numerous meetings have been held, summits have been organized in order to make people realize the importance of environment friendly development. Certain guidelines have been set by the environment ministry for construction of real estate projects in the urban areas. A consultative workshop on Climate Change Mitigation in Urban Sector was held by the ministry of urban development on 21st September in New Delhi. This is where the matter regarding environmental guidelines picked up pace.

As reported by the Economic Times, state governments have agreed to comply to the guidelines proposed for real estate construction. It was brought to the notice of developers that the construction sector alone accounts for 40% of the electricity consumption, 30% of the raw material consumption and a considerable amount of land and water resources. The industry also generates solid waste and effluents.

A few highlights of the guidelines are:

  • All common area lighting should be solar light or LED.

  • One tree should be planted for every square meter of the total land area

  • Proper electricity meters should be installed.

  • The design should allow scope for rain water harvesting

  • At least 1% of the total power load shall be met from renewable sources of energy

  • A centralized Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for smaller projects and a decentralized system for larger projects is recommended.

  • Non-biodegradable waste should be given for recycling

  • Every project should have 30% open area

State governments are serious about the environmental issues and are taking major steps to mitigate the harms caused by construction industry.

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