How to Save Energy in Your Kitchen

Kitchen is the power house of your home. Saving energy in your kitchen will surely have an impact on your overall home’s energy usage. A greener kitchen means saving energy. The appliances, their usage and even the paint color of your kitchen is directly proportional to it energy consumption. A neutral colored kitchen is supposed to more energy efficient than the one with a vibrant color palette. Kitchen appliances make up about 30% of the total home energy consumption.How to Save Energy in Your Kitchen

By adopting these simple habits into your daily life, you can save energy while working in your kitchen –

1) Use microwave when necessary.

2) Use a pressure cooker, it helps you cook faster and saves energy.

3) Cover your pots to help food cook faster.

4) Use the burner/hob which fits your pan to avoid wastage of energy.

5) Use a solar-box cooker.

6) Using an electric kettle? Boil water that is needed.

Refrigerators And Freezers are the power hogging devices and the biggest energy culprits in the kitchen. Buy an energy efficient fridge with a good energy marker which will give you a better saving. Location of your fridge can also make a difference in its energy efficiency. Keep it away from the wall and away from direct sunlight.

Do not overstock the fridge as spacing is important for air circulation. Keep the coils free from dust and check for leakages. Defrost your freezer regularly as an iced freezer requires more energy. Keep your foods and liquids covered. Never put warm or hot food in the fridge. You can improve on your energy saving by 20% just by using Convection oven.

These ovens circulate air around the food and saves time plus energy. Bake your food in glass or ceramic vessels. Do not keep opening the oven door often to check your food as variation in temperature causes energy loss. Dishwasher is also an essential appliance in the kitchen; run it when load is full. Don’t leave it on standby when not using it. With a little awareness and acting smart you can save on your kitchen energy and have a positive result on your energy consumption.

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