Do’s And Don’ts of Hosting a Formal Dinner At Home

The festive season has begun and hence the party fever is high, but you can have a formal dinner for any occasion, all you need is a reason. Thinking of hosting a formal dinner party? Follow some tips and your dinner will be a great success without any hiccups. Here are a few do’s and don’ts of hosting a formal dinner at home:

Do’s And Don’ts of Hosting a Formal Dinner At Home


  • DO have a reason to host the dinner, can be a festive occasion, birthday bash or anniversary, anything you can raise a toast to.

  • DO create a party atmosphere, your home and kitchen should look good, create a welcoming aura. Fresh flowers and lighted candles with soft music in the background will create magic.

  • DO bring out your best china, set the table with table cloth and your best cutlery, along with cloth napkins.

  • DO write out the menu, let your guests know what they are eating and also it is a style statement.

  • DO organize the seating arrangement if your guest list is short, but if you have a big gathering then let them sort it out.

  • DO let people know if you want a certain dress code followed since it is a formal dinner.

  • DO welcome each and every guest and dress up for the occasion and play the gracious hostess to the hilt.

  • DO serve appetizers to your guests to nibble on when they arrive and a sweet desert to finish the dinner.


  • DON’T be confined by the space you live in, the people and the conversation are what keeps the party going.

  • DON’T overlook your guest’s dietary needs, being a good hostess means you want your guests feeling comfortable dinning at your table. Serve food that they will eat and relish.

  • DON’T skimp on alcohol; get that extra bottle it lowers peoples guard and conversation flows easily.

  • DON’T let your cooking abilities be a deterrent; you can get caterers to do the job.

  • DON’T invite a lot of strangers as you will spend more time introducing them and people may feel uncomfortable.

  • DON’T attend to too many phone calls as it is very irritating to others. To be available to tend to the guests is a sign of good host.

  • DON’T rush to do the dishes relax with the guests who linger behind, offer them a coffee or after dessert wine , satiate them and let the conversation role.

Doing a few of the things suggested will make your dinner a runaway success and you a marvelous hostess/host.

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