Doors and Windows- The Weak Spots of Household Security

Security of your home starts from the outside and moves inside. All of us try to keep our homes and our loved one’s within safe and secure walls. So the question is how secure our two safety points, namely doors and windows. These are the two pivotal points of break-ins. In order to make your home burglar proof, you need to protect these two most important break-in areas of your home.

Doors and Windows- The Weak Spots of Household Security

Doors and Windows- The Weak Spots of Household Security

Windows are important part of your home; windows add value to your home and also provide proper breathing environment. But if we consider 24 hours locksmith security, windows are considered as the weakest point of your home. You can make your windows a strong point by just taking a few precautions such as-

Go for Reinforced Glass – Reinforce your glass with secure materials, or go for a wire net glass or a projectile safe glass for extra security.

Window-Alarms – You can find myriad alarms for windows as well. The common is a window sensor which tells you when a window is opened or broken, sounding an alarm to alert the family and send the thief running. So get a window sensor alert and safeguard your home.

Window Locks – Never leave your windows open when going out. Deadbolts, deadlocks different types of locks are available for windows, but the best criminal obstacle is a heavy window bolt. Why muck around with the windows when you can walk through the door. Stand back and see if your front door is visible from the street, if not clear the shrubs around it, so burglars don’t have a place to hide.

Upgrade strike plates and deadbolts – open all doors and check the strike plates and the metal fittings that catch the bolts and latches. When conducting your home security check, make sure exterior doors have deadbolts which throw at least a one-inch bolt.

Check Garage Doors – Back doors and garage doors are more likely to be attacked than the front door.

Patio Doors are Vulnerable – Sliding doors leading to the patio can be weak spots, so beef up the security here. Get into a habit of locking the patio doors when not in use.

Replace your entry door, those made of steel, solid wood, and impact resistant fiberglass are all good choices for security. After taking in all the precautions never forget to install CCTV cameras, so you can see who is moving around your home. So with the help of modern technology and security tools you can make your home and inmates absolutely secure.

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