Don’t Let Small Spaces Ruin Your Big Dreams

Are you living in a small house? You just need to learn how to live in a small house and maximize your space. Not all of us live in palatial homes so extra space is at a premium for most of us. Don’t let space limitations ruin your dreams- small is beautiful. There are incredibly easy ways to make the maximum use of space in each room so you can live your dreams and have an elegant and stylish home. Artificially created feeling or illusions of space combined with brilliantly designed furniture pieces, practical storage ideas and thought out organizational plans combined with basic interior designs principles can only help us achieve the required interiors.

Don’t Let Small Spaces Ruin Your Big Dreams

Don’t Let Small Spaces Ruin Your Big Dreams

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your small home:

Create Illusion of Space-Choosing right colors or making right combinations of colors can optically increase or decrease the space. It is always wise to consider the optical illusion of color before implementing it. Wall and floor colors serve as the foundation stones for a successful interior. Light colors will make the room look airy and large. Elevate the ceiling by painting the ceiling and walls with the same color.

Maximize your floor Space-Instead of feeling disheartened; learn to maximize your space by using the right selection of wall and floor colors. Use large, light colored tiles on floors of rooms, bathrooms and kitchens to make them appear spacious and less cluttered. You can use vinyl or wood chosen in neutral tones and simple patterns. Light colors, less seams and subtle grain combined with appropriate colors on walls and ceilings contribute to interiors that look open and spacious.

Window Treatments-Maximize the entrance of natural light as these will give your room an illusion of greater space. Leave the windows uncovered to blur the line between indoors-outdoors giving a feel of continuity and space. If using window treatments use light weight and light colored curtains to give that extra spacious look. Keep the window treatments minimal.

Use of vertical spaces-Putting up shelves and cabinets high on walls can help one take advantage of vertical spaces.

Use mirrors-Mirrors are the best tools to create an illusion of space. Creating space by using mirrors is the safest bet, and there is no better friend than a mirror for small homes which desire to look spacious.

Furniture Placement-How you place your furniture is another important and challenging decision. All furniture can be placed a few inches away from the walls so as to give breathing space and make the room look big. Transparent Furniture like acrylic or glass is another big option it also looks trendy and smart.

Create a Focal Point-Make some art work the focal point in the Living room. If your space architecture helps you to put your sofa against the wall your art work can be put above the couch.

Have a boutique like closet-Carefully designed according to your requirements to store all your stuff, this closet can give you the luxury of a custom closet and helps you create big dreams in small spaces.

So get ready to live your dreams in small spaces!

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