DIY Tricks to Keep Your Home Organized

We all hate messes and like our abode to be organized but what we hate is the process of achieving that goal of a perfectly organized home. So get things organized efficiently by simple and innovative DIY tricks. You may have a palatial home or a small apartment but you can make the maximum use of space and give your home a neat and clean organized look.

Use mini storage pods for everything. Place a pod by the door to keep your keys or keep some small change to tip the delivery /errand guys. You don’t have to go hunting for your keys as you know where to find them. Organize every drawer in the house with wood blocks, no more junk drawers. Place things properly in the compartments thus formed.

DIY Tricks to Keep Your Home Organized

Organize shoes in seconds on pegs, so dress up your hallways does not look like a cobblers dump yard, but looks organized and neat no matter as to how many pairs. Create instant organization with baskets or buckets to store things; you can use small baskets to store things in your refrigerator to store your veggies and fruits, all your knick-knacks, giving it a decent look. Use mesh bags or hanging baskets to store produce which needs ventilation.

Organize your pantry by adding a Lazy Susan in the corner, so most of your stuff can be easily procured without toppling things and you can reach things easily. Use a DIY hanging basket to organize the kitchen, toy-room or craft’s room or hang lots of plants. Hang teacups and coffee mugs to save cupboard space, a few hooks and a little help can do the trick. If you have more heels than halls use tension rods in closets or nooks to create an instant shoe rack.

Use shower caddies to hang everything, right from your bathroom to your kitchen, you can put away things in them. Use hanging organizers in your closet to keep it clutter free and create semblance from chaos. Organize your entryway with a storage locker to keep jackets, coats, shoes etc. so they don’t clutter your hallway. Your box beds can give you all that extra storage and give your home an organized look. Remove all the clutter and let things be in their proper places. It requires a little effort and some handy ideas to get your home organized and in tip-top condition.

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