Why are Dining Rooms becoming an Endangered Concept?

Do you have a dining room at your home? About 75% of the Indian will have NO as an answer to this question. Those who do have a dining room are either living in their parents’ home without making changes to it or they are the lucky few who bought a new home that still follows the concept of eating together. Dining rooms are disappearing from the new real estate projects; developers emphasize more on living room and see dining area as a part of it.

Why are Dining Rooms becoming an Endangered Concept

The three main reasons why dining rooms are losing importance are:

  • Firstly, the lack of space has forced people to multitask a single room for several purposes. For example, the living room also serves the purpose of drawing room and a part of it can be dedicated for dining.

  • Secondly, the nuclear family trends have taken over the urban lifestyle. Also due to the fast paced lifestyle, people seldom sit together for a meal nowadays.

  • Thirdly, casual living spaces are not only in trend but are also the need of the hour. So keeping up with the trends, developers offer casual homes that are more inclusive in nature.

It is true that dining rooms are becoming obsolete in global housing as well as in India. But, before we come to a conclusion about whether this is right or wrong, we must ask ourselves a few questions, such as

How often is the dining room used?

We often talk about the importance of sitting together for meals and having a quality time with our family. But does the fast paced lifestyle spare us that little quality time? In most of the cases, the answer is no. And even if people have time, they prefer a casual lifestyle. 10 years ago, about 50-60% of the homes had dining rooms and now the figure has declined to mere 15-20%.

What happened to existing dining rooms?

Even in homes that have dining room, people use it only when guests arrive or for enjoying a holiday meal with family. For the rest of the year, it remains vacant. People are increasingly realizing that dining rooms take up unnecessary space and thus they are converting it into a hobby room or as an extension of the adjacent rooms.

Reflecting over the above two answers, we can pretty much conclude that we have evolved in the style of living and maybe dining rooms are actually not so important now. Rather, dining ‘area’ is now popular. The new homes have open kitchens and since the cooking space is not confined within walls, why should the dining area? Dining areas are an extension of these open kitchens. Especially in the smaller homes, studio apartments and 1 BHK apartments in Bangalore, open kitchen and dining areas totally make sense.

However, there are always dual opinions on any topic. Some still prefer the traditional homes while others like the open floor plan ideas of modern houses. Family dynamicsare changing, inflation is affecting the spending power of the people and they want something comprehensive where they can multitask. So, the choice completely depends on your preferences.

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