Developers Launch Residential Projects That Run Entirely on Solar Power

Environmental protection is the hot topic in all parts of the world these days. Even the day to day activities and the lavish life we live is playing havoc with the nature. But both homebuyers and developers are taking necessary steps to reduce the use of products that are harmful for the environment.
Developers Launch Residential Projects That Run Entirely on Solar Power An important step in this direction is the Solar Power Panel Technology. Developers are increasingly providing these services to the buyers as amenities and a segment of buyers is also showing keen interest in it. Bangalore is launching its first
residential property that would run entirely on solar power. It will be a five floor luxury apartment and would be available at the rate of 10,000 to 12,000 per sq ft. All appliances from air conditioners to refrigerators, even elevators will run on solar energy.

The project will have 300 solar panels on the rooftop. The photovoltaic cells in these panels will save the energy and send it to the inverter for later use. The saved energy will be utilized for all required functions and the project will be completely off the electricity grid. The monthly expenditure for a floor will be around Rs 25,000. Technically talking, the builder of the project says that the energy requirement of the complex would be around 360 units per day. The energy requirements of heavy systems like elevators will be met by a separate set of solar power system.

The cost of installing the entire system in the new project would come around 1.4 crore. Expert engineers have put their minds into the project to make it a complete success. Customers have also become responsible and are interested in these projects that save the environment. The low cost of the system is also attracting many buyers.