Decorating Tips for Festive Winters By Richa Sharma

As soon as I hear someone say ‘winter is coming’, I start thinking of all wintery festivals. Diwali just went by and I’m sure you are already preparing for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This is that time of the year when you have to be on your toes to host your family and friends. So here are some affordable and time saving hacks to make your home look stylish and festive ready!

1. Re-use your Diwali lights
We all put rice/fairy lights outside our home.  how about putting some in a jar or old wine bottles?


2. Shift to hues of browns and greens
Instead of throwing bright coloured cushions and drapes, go for dark and warmer shades of brown, green, grey etc. It’s affordably effective to make your space look cozy!


3. Rug up your space
place rugs around the sofa and your lonely couch with some puffy cushions to lean on! It is casual and looks superbly comfy for your friends get together.


4. Bling it up!
Bring some sparkle into your home! A little amount of glitter makes the space fashionably festive. You can go for golden/silver cushion covers, small coffee table runners, sparkling picture frames and vases etc. Make sure you don’t go overboard with glitter!


5. Indoor landscaping
Introduce some indoor plants to give a hint of life and freshness to your home. Also, put some rice/fairy lights to make them pop-out in that dead corner of the room!


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