5 Decor Mistakes New Homeowners Make

The rookies or the beginners of every field make a few mistakes when starting with the task. So is the case with new homeowners when they have to set up their home. However, unlike the beginners of stock trading who need to learn from their mistakes, you need not make mistakes at all. We are here to talk about some tips to avoiding decorating mistakes that you might make as a rookie homeowner.

5 Decor Mistakes New Homeowners Make

5 Decor Mistakes New Homeowners Make

Buying Matching Furniture

Learning from our childhood, as we used to play setting up miniature homes, we tend to do a similar thing with our actual home. Similar furniture throughout the house will make your house anything but beautiful. It is like wearing the same type of clothes everyday. What you have to do is to understand how you can strike the right balance between varied furniture types. It is not necessary to set up the entire home all at once. Buy stuff over time as you get to know your preferences and what is available in the market. The most beautiful homes look collected over a long period of time.

Holding on to Stuff You Actually Hate

In the chaos of setting up your new home as fast as possible, most of us end up buying things that become eyesores in the long run. But as you have invested money into it, you might not like to do away with it. Some of your furniture might as well be carried forward from your hostel days so even if they don’t match your decor at all, you want to keep it. However, you can sell the unwanted items on ebay, quikr, etc and earn and then buy something better in return.

Not Utilizing What You Already Have

As opposed to keeping unwanted things, as a rookie you don’t realize the potential of what is already available with you. You just need to browse through your stuff and find something that can make a nice decor item. For example, the collection of books you have will complete the look of your living room or the study. Refurbished old vases can also give a vintage look.

Not Hanging Curtains and Artworks Properly

Even some of the experienced homeowners don’t know the right way to hang their curtains, let alone the beginners. Hanging it too low will make the ceiling look lower and the room smaller. Also it will catch more dirt. You should hang the rod high above the window edge to create an illusion of large window. Artworks should not be hung too high. It should be just a little above the eye level to make it more catchy.

Buying Wrong Rugs and Carpets

Designers say that wall-to-wall carpets would not be a good idea for the beginners as it traps much dirt and is difficult to clean. Size should be the main criteria while buying rugs and carpets. Smaller rugs are never good; it should be big enough to partially accommodate your furniture and create a focal point.

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